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What is Uncemented Hip Replacement?

Uncemented hip prosthetics have pegs and screws that hold the prosthesis and the bone in a firm location until the new bone growth develops a secure attachment. Once a strong bond has formed the bone and the prosthesis, uncemented hip replacement provides a low possibility of loosening and weakening with time.

Modern hip replacement approaches to Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA), are considered major advancements in the orthopaedic field based on a variety of prosthetic components, expertise, and effectiveness. To make various changes in the femoral head, orthopaedic surgeons use a variety of options such as;

  • Cementless options
  • Metal-on-Metal
  • Metal-on-polyethylene
  • Hybrid prosthesis
  • Ceramic-on-ceramic

Cemented (Primary Hip Replacement) is one of the most successful orthopaedic surgeries today, but prevailing concerns still point to the pain experienced by patients.

Uncemented Hip Replacement

Cement less hip replacements is the fixation of the prosthesis without any position of the cement bone. The initial fixation of this implant is done by the tight fit and next fixation is performed by the bony in growth. We are expert in providing uncemented hip replacement in India.

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Different indications of Uncemented Hip Replacement

Patients who are having the good bone stock are the best candidate for the this type of hip replacement.
The patients with the post traumatic arthritis, a vascular necrosis, abnkylosing spondylitis , like post traumatic arthritis, avascular necrosis, abnkylosing spondylitis, Perthes disease, Slipped upper femoral epiphysis are the right candidate for the uncemented hip replacement.

Materials used in Uncemented Hip replacement:

Common bearings for the uncemented hip surgery are ceramic on poly, metal, metal on poly etc.

Head diameter
The range of the head diameter is 22mm for the poly cups and 36 mm for the ceramic cups.

Uncemented Hip Replacement 2 FInal

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Pros & Cons of Cementless Hip Replacement

The cementless surgical approach may be discussed and utilized as per the diagnostic results such as the X-rays and MRIs. The major pros for cementless hip replacement include;
Eliminates fears of a breakdown
Creates a stronger bond between the bone and the prosthesis
It is an ultimate hip replacement approach in a majority of young patients.

The various cons include;

  • Isn’t an ideal surgical approach in severely affected patients.
  • It takes at least three months for the bone tissue to grow into a new component.
  • Reduced chance of cement disease such as biologic reaction which can lead to osteoclasts.

When will I walk after a Cementless knee prosthesis?

Patients with the cement less surgery are advised to avoid full weight bearing for at least 4 to 12 weeks after the surgery.
If there is stressing and loosening of the new joint, then it would be painful and patient may have to undergo with a second surgery. The uncemented hip replacement cost in India is quite less as compared to other countries.

Patients’ conditions differ and so is the recovery speed, however, after the surgery, that patient is transferred to the recovery room where he is examined for at least 2 hours. Various check-ups that include breathing evaluations are carried out after which a patient will engage in breathing exercises.

Pain medications are provided to relieve pain and major guidelines for a comfortable post-operation period are provided. A crutch and a walker are advisable to aid in movement as your physical therapy programme is being scheduled.

The type of hip replacement, either partial or total hip replacement significantly influences one’s recovery period. Consider following the doctor’s orders pertaining walking, climbing stairs, bending or twisting your knees, and sleeping

It is essential to protect the treated hip as any infection may lead to results compromise.

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