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How To Tackle With Weather-Related Joint Pain?

Some people are sensitive to changing weather conditions. They are trapped by signs of weather changes like allergies, fever, cough, cold, sneezing and even joint pain. It is common to hear from people especially in the old age that they feel more pain in their joints in the cooler months of winter, however, the condition can be temporary.

Causes of joint issues due to weather conditions

According to experts in the cold weather, our body conserves heat and sends more blood to the organs like heart and lungs so the blood vessels of joints get constrict and even restrict the supply of blood in these areas as a results joints remain colder and stiffed. Even some theories demonstrate that with the change in weather condition the barometric pressure also changes so it causes inflammation of joints so lead to changes in blood circulation and nerve sensitivity and the person feels pain in joint. However, there is not any scientific evidence be given for the weather-related joint pains but some theories support this condition of painful joints.

Remedies for weather-related joint pain

Remedies for weather-related joint pain

If you are feeling joint pain in the cooler months then it must be addressed so that severe pain can be prevented. Following are some effective remedies for joint pain

  • Mild knee or hip pain due to cold weather can be tackled with the hot compressions means you can keep hot pads on your painful joint to give it some warmth and it will improve blood circulation to give you relief from the stiffness of joint.
  • Sometimes in cold weather, we become sluggish then it can also create some problem for your joints as due to lack of activity the joints get jammed and you feel pain while doing activities. By doing some exercise or regular walk you can resume the mobility of your joint
  • Some home remedies can also give you relief from pain. Your kitchen is the house of spices that have remedial value so you can use them for defeating your joint pain. Turmeric can work magically for the joint pains so you can consume one tablespoon of turmeric with hot milk or Luke warm water in winters. Ajwain, holy basil, ginger can also work for your joint pain.
  • Massage with warm oils like coconut, olive oil, ginger oil can also help you to get relief from the stiffness of joints so you can feel better after the message.

If your joint pain is not due to weather conditions and is consistent then it is better to discuss with your doctor so that you can get rid of this pain with the effective and ideal treatment option for you.


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