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Stretches That are Most Suited For Knee Issues

The knees are the most significant joints of the body.

They include the thigh bone, shinbone, and knee cap.

Their job is to help with simple activities such as walking, standing, and bending. Stretching exercises are great for strengthening this joint.

They target the surrounding nerves and muscles.

Let’s have a look at some common stretches that are suitable for knee problems.

After finding out the effectiveness of knee stretches, let’s take a look at which one is the best to perform.

Don’t forget to do a mild warm-up exercise beforehand.

For instance, a mild warmup through walking or cycling increases the flow of blood to the joint and makes them more flexible.

Joint Friendly Knee Stretches

Because the knee is connected to many muscles, it is important to do the trachea that covers each one of them.

The Towel Press

This stretch strengthens the tendons around the knees and makes them stronger to hold the joint.

Process: At first, take a towel and roll it to make a soft pillow. While sitting on the floor outside the bed, place it below one knee.

After that bend your knee to push the towel down. Hold it for at least 10 seconds. Do it ten times and then repeat for the second leg.

Straight Leg Raise 

If you are facing issues with your knees then start with this easy and simple quadriceps stretch.

The muscles which are on the front of the thighs are known as quadriceps. 

Process: Lay down on your back by folding one of your legs, keeping the feet flat on the floor. Extend about half a meter, keeping the other leg straight.

Hold it for at least ten seconds. Repeat it ten times and do the same procedure for the other leg too. 

Alternate Foot Stand

This activity can be performed anywhere and at any time. So, whenever you have 2to 3 minutes spare use alternate legs to solidify your knees.

Process: Firstly place one of your hands on the chair or counter for help. Now bend one leg moderately so that you can stand on one foot. Hold it for at least 20 seconds. 

Repeat for the other leg. Perform 3 sets each and if you are able to hold it for more than 20 seconds then, you can hold up to 40 seconds.

Ham Curls

This Knee-friendly stretching is very easy to do which strengthens the knees.

Process: First of all Lie on your stomach. Combine both your hands and place them under your face.

Now bend one leg and try to touch your hips or as near as possible. Hold on and do 3 sets and repeat the same for the other leg too.  

On the other hand, perform this exercise while standing. You can take the support of a chair or uplift one leg and curve as much as possible. Hold and do 3 sets for both legs.  

Ham Stretch

The hamstrings are located in the leg above the knee and pulling them relieves the knee pain considerably. It can be done while standing, lying as well as sitting on a chair. 

Process: Lie on your back with your legs straight.

Now grab the lower hem of your track pants and lift one leg up about 1 to 2 feet. Hold on up to 10 to 20 seconds.

You should feel tension on the back of your thighs. Perform 3 Sets and repeat with the other leg. You can do this by sitting on a chair.

Sit up straight and straighten the left leg. Now put down both of your hands on your right knee and lean forward to touch your hands with your forehead.

You will feel the pull on the hamstrings. Hold on. Perform 3 sets and repeat with the right leg straight.

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Take Care 

The above are some of the easy-to-do joint stretchings and strengthening for the knees that everyone should do.

People with osteoarthritis of the knee can keep the muscle groups around the knee together and prevent pain and deterioration.

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