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Sport Injuries- Techniques used to cure the Sport injuries.

Sports injuries are injuries that mostly occur when you engage in different tedious sports or exercises. The main reason of sports injuries is over-training, lack of conditioning and improper use of the sports techniques. There are some injuries that sometimes change the internal structure of the knee or shoulder. This will lead to the problem of severe pain and may gradually lead to the problem of Arthritis. It is very important to treat this problem by using various medicines, physiotherapy or Key-hole joint surgery. At Eva Hospital, we are providing best sports injury treatment in India. The sports injury treatment cost in India is far less than as compared to other countries.

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1. ACL Tear (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear):

ACL keeps the knee joint together and is vital to provide the rotational stability to the knee joint.
The Knee is one of the largest joint in the body. These are essential to regulate our body. This is the main element which is essential to perform the daily routine activities.
The major type of disease is torn ACL in sports injuries.
Torn ACL occurs when person is landing in the wrong way during sports activity like stopping suddenly and quite briskly.

The Current Treatment Of The ACL Tear Plan Is To Focus On Following:

• Restoring of the Normal stability of the knee point.
• Prevention of the arthritis and cartilage damage.
• Restoring the level of function before the ACL tear.
• Preventing loss of function of the knee joint.

Anatomical ACL Reconstruction Treatment

ACL tear is cured with Anatomical ACL Reconstruction.

• Reconstructed ACL is placed in the same place as original ACL is placed.
• This is done by direct visualization of the ACL foot print.
• Then it is anchored within the various bone tunnels by using proper buttons and screws.

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2. Meniscus tear

Meniscus tear is the most common type of the injury in the knee joint. The meniscus has the C shaped Structures that provide the cushion like behavior against the stress and stains. This problem is mostly occurring in Pivoting injuries of the knees. This will not to lead to the problem of pain, but sometimes lead to the arthritis.

At Eva hospital, Dr. Tanveer Singh Bhutani is expert in treating the meniscal injuries. He uses the most of the modern Arthroscopy techniques.

Arthroscopy for Meniscus Tear

Arthroscopy is commonly known as the Key-hole surgery. This is the revolutionized treatment for the Knee, shoulder and the Hip injuries.
• In the arthroscopy, only a small 1mm incision is made and the meniscus is balanced and repaired by using the advanced techniques.
• The surgery is performed by visualizing the joint and the internal structure on the TV monitor.
• This surgery is performed with the special designed instruments. ‘
• This is the Non-invasive technique.
• This will lead to faster recovery and there is no loss of blood.
• Arthroscopy is the treatment that is used to treat numbers of problems like Knee problems, Ligament injuries, meniscus and cartilage that will cause the pain and instability.
• Then the repaired meniscuses are allowed to heal and the main task of the physiotherapies is to provide pain free and safe recovery.

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