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Sports Injuries & When Can a Patient Expect to Return to the Field?

There is a wide range of sports injuries and although athletes try as much as possible to prevent them, there is no guarantee that they won’t occur. To make matters worse, it may become tricky to come up with the best treatment approach for any sports injury. In general terms, sports injuries are divided into contact and non-contact sports injuries.

The precise detail of these injuries;

Contact injuries are those that arise from direct impact with your fellow players, equipment, or the surface.

Non-contact injuries are those that occur due to common mistakes or errors during the game. These include running for 10 km or more without prior training, muscle conditions, activity level, surface, and so on.

Furthermore, sports injuries can be divided into intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) causes. Intrinsic causes of sports injuries are generally errors, whereas extrinsic causes of sports injuries include; surfaces, environment, and equipment.

A number of sports injuries can be treated with therapy or medications, but extended or severe injuries will require a consultation from the orthopedic surgeon.


What to Do in Case You are Injured

  • Discontinue playing and withdraw from the playground.
  • First aid is recommended
  • You can obtain further support with the help of crutches, braces, or splints
  • Try to control any secondary injury outcome, such as swelling and bleeding
  • Manage the pain with painkillers or anything possible
  • Try to consult a doctor in case the pain persists
  • Take necessary precautions to prevent the previous errors
  • Follow the treatment measures

The Medical Treatment to Opt For!

The treatment approach is normally selected depending on the injury sustained. Certain injuries like ACL tears, meniscus Tear, or a fracture will certainly require surgery.

Simple injuries can be managed and treated with mere medications plus management measures, but in some cases may require an Arthroscopy. A serious injury will require time for a patient to get back to the field. Rehabilitation is a must for all sports injury cases.


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