Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder joint replacement is very successful in relieving shoulder joint pains of some sort. This surgery can cure any form of painful shoulder conditions and related shoulder arthritis types. This surgery is considered as end treatment plan when all forms of lifestyle changes and medications fail to cure the pain.

Painful shoulder arthritis means the removal of the smooth cartilage surfaces of the shoulder.

Shoulder replacement surgery in India is commonly known as the shoulder arthroplasty. Shoulder arthroplasty is the most successful procedure that helps to provide the treatment of the severe pain and stiffness of the degenerative joint disease of the shoulder.

• Primary goal of the shoulder replacement treatment is to provide relief from the pain.
• The secondary benefit is to restore the motion, strength, function and return patients to the normal activity level.
• There are some of the patients that return to their loveable sports like tennis and golf. Some patients are also able to perform their personal initiatives like individual training, yoga, and Pilates.

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Who is the not the right candidate for shoulder arthroplasty?

That individual whose symptoms is not matching to the shoulder arthroplasty:

• Patients whose symptoms are not sufficiently disabling to warrant surgery.
• Patients who loss of the rotator cuffs and the deltoid muscles.
• A person who is suffering from the active infection.
• There are some patients who have the progressive disease of the nervous system.

The Procedure of shoulder arthroplasty

• In the first phase, your surgeon will separate the deltoid and pectoral muscles. Then your surgeon will access the shoulder in the nerve area free. This will help to minimize the nerve damage.
• Then the shoulder is covered with the rotator cuff. This will open by performing cutting on one of the anterior rotator cuff muscles.
• This open door will help to manipulate the various arthritics parts of the shoulder ball and the socket.
• When the arthritic section has been removed properly, then your surgeon will implant the socket, ball, and the stem component.
• Then your surgeon will close and stitch the rotator cuff muscles.

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