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Shoulder Dislocations – Treatment Options Available

A shoulder dislocation occurs when the upper arm bone comes out of the socket which is in the shoulder blade. If you feel the shoulder is dislocated then seeking medical help is the right choice. In this guide, we will tell you the different treatment options available to solve the issue of shoulder dislocation.

To get the treatment of shoulder dislocation there are different factors that should be kept in mind. In some cases, there is a need for surgery. When the shoulder is dislocated because of a traumatic event in the future there is a risk of recurrent dislocation. The re-occurrence of dislocation depends on patient age. The re-dislocation percentage is around:

  • Less than 20 years – 90 percent
  • 20 to 30 years – 75 percent
  • 30 to 40 years – 30 percent

Is undergoing the surgery essential?

Earlier, the surgeon would not operate on the patient after their first dislocation. This is because, after the physical therapy the patient was able to get back to their normal working routine. If the patient gets a second or recurrent dislocation then surgery was recommended.

But now with technology, the scientific approach is moving towards giving early surgery. This is especially for patients who are young as there is a high risk to get dislocation again. Discuss with your ortho doctor as they will give you the best advice.

Treatment Options

In some cases the treatment option is surgery. The surgeon’s goal is to get the damage fixed because of which shoulder came out of its socket.

Bankart tear injury occurs when stabilizing ligaments get attached to the shoulder socket labrum. This issue occurs because of shoulder dislocation.

In this case, shoulder arthroscopy is the best option. This procedure is used by the surgeon to inspect, diagnose, and repair the issue inside the joint. The term arthroscopy means to look within the joint. The advantage of this procedure is that it does take very little time to recover because the incisions are very small.

The non-surgical option includes physical therapy which helps in strengthening the muscles so that the ball in the shoulder socket is stabilized. Sometimes the patient can get back to their normal working routine.

Some studies have shown that if the shoulder is not moved then repeat dislocations are prevented. But the immobilization position is very awkward because the arm is turned away from the body.

What is the best option for me?

Well, there is a controversy that which treatment option is ideal. If the patient is an athlete then getting the surgery is the ideal choice after the first dislocation. Not getting surgery means chances of repeat dislocation will increase.

If the case is different then trying a non-surgical option which doctor recommend can manage the problem.

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