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Safety Tips For Young Athletes

It is very significant for the athletes to play every day. A physically active schedule guarantees not only a fit, disciplined and a mentally sound individual, it also builds stamina of the body. Sports injuries are bound to come by if you are an avid player. But there is a lot of difference when it comes to sports injuries of the adults and that of the younger athletes.

Injury And Young Athletes

Young athletes are more prone to injury than adult athletes as their body is still developing.If the injuries are not handled properly within a certain time frame, they may turn into long-term health problems. Preventive steps can be undertaken in the form of training according to age, appropriate use of proper equipment and physical conditioning.

A Look At The Common Sports Injuries Of The Youth

Acute Injuries

The injuries caused by sudden trauma like twisting,falling or strains and sprains are included in this category.Cuts and bruises are also included in this category. In case of such an injury, appropriate and proper first aid should be given. Normally, the RICE method of first aid is used in such cases. RICE method strand for rest, applying ice, wrapping with a bandage and elevating the injured part The person should be shown to a doctor as soon as possible. Sports Injuries Treatment is a carried out in many clinics.

Overuse Injuries

These occur gradually over a period of time.It happens when the body parts can’t heal properly as they are being used extensively by the athlete.Elbow injuries, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints come under this category.

How To Prevent Sports Injuries?

Adhere to the following tips for preventing sports injuries-

1. Most primarily, the physical condition of the athlete should be proper to pay a sport. This can be ascertained by physical examination.

2. One must know all the rules and abide by them. Sticking to proper rules will be helpful in preventing injuries.

3. Appropriate protective gear must be worn by the players according to the specific sports.

4. One should be briefed up about how to use the equipment for the specific sports.

5. All the players should undertake a warm-up session before starting to play.

6. One should stay well hydrated , especially during summers.

7. One should avoid playing when one is feeling tired or has pain in some part of the body.

8. Proper training must be given to the athletes when they join any sports activity. Rather than expecting the sport to make their bodies fit, they should make their bodies better equipped to handle the sports.

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