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What is role of diagnosis in hip impingement?

Condition of abnormal and wearing contact between the socket and ball of hip is called hip impingement. Due to this abnormal condition friction get increase during the hip movements that can even damage the hip joints.

It is common to hear about groin pain after sitting or walking for a long time. Moreover, patients even complain about the other symptoms of these conditions like pain in the adductor region, buttocks, and even sometimes thighs. This pain in some cases becomes so severe that getting immediate treatment becomes important.

As it is well said that if the problem is identified it means half solved so to treat hip impingement patients it is important to know the extent of the problem and its root cause. However, in some cases, physical examination of the points where the patient feels pain is sufficient to recognize the hip problem otherwise proper diagnosis of the hip impingement becomes important to start treatment

For diagnosing the problem we use the following diagnostic ways

  • We plan for some diagnostic hip injections and local anesthesia to judge if the pain is coming from the hip then it will definitely get improve for short time.
  • A plain X-ray of the hip also gives us some clues that why there is a pain in the hip but for further specifications like how much damage has been caused to the hip joint? We need further diagnosis
  • Then we go for an MRI scan of the hip joint that reveals the damage that occurred to articular cartilage and labrum but it can be uncomfortable as MRI has been done often with contrast material in the hip.
  • Hip diagnosis is also done with CT scans as this is an old but popular diagnostic tool to solve many health problems. CT scan gives a more objective view of the hip impingement. Even the advancements like 3D images of the joint have worked wonders for us. These 3D images give us a more clear picture of the patient’s painful hip. On the basis of these images, the doctor can make an estimate about how and where hip impingement has occurred and accordingly can plan for treatment methods or medications

Hope so in the future these diagnosis technologies will get more advanced so that even doctors could have a better picture of the root cause of hip impingement and the extent of the problem and then patients can be more improved treated.

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