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Primary & Secondary Osteoarthritis: The Actual Difference Between the Two Conditions

Ideally, many patients experience stiffness, achiness, inflexibility in either of the knee joints without a definite cause. In the early stages, these symptoms are often taken for granted relating them to weather changes, tiredness, or anything else. However, in orthopaedics, these are the fundamental factors or symptoms that can cause extreme damage to the knee joints.
In the actual sense, a number of individuals live with osteoarthritis, underestimating it to be a minor condition that can resolve by itself. At this juncture, we are going to tackle the different classifications of osteoarthritis and their cause as the actual difference.
What is Osteoarthritis?
Osteoarthritis is scientifically described as wear and tear of the knee joints. The condition is divided into two phases, i.e. the breakdown of the cartilage in the joints and the development of abnormal bony growths known as bone spurs or osteophytes. Prior to the formation of bone spurs, the cartilage must have been eroded or extremely damaged. Osteoarthritis is generally referred to as a degenerative process that affects commonly aging individuals.
Classification of Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis is generally classified into two categories, which are Primary and Secondary Osteoarthritis. According to the Orthopaedics, there isn’t a big difference between the two types, noting that the cause of each is the main contrast. Then let’s look at the actual cause of each type.
  • Primary Osteoarthritis & Its Cause
Patients with deteriorated cartilage in the joints are generally suffering from Primary Osteoarthritis. Primary osteoarthritis is one of the commonly diagnosed orthopaedic conditions and it tends to affect individuals aged 53 and above.

Therefore, this condition is basically age-related, meaning that it results from the daily functioning of the joint. According to orthopaedics, primary osteoarthritis affects old males and females differently. In some, it may be a mild condition, whereas in others it is severe. Also, some individuals may develop the condition earlier than others.

  • Secondary Osteoarthritis & Its Cause
This type of osteoarthritis is caused by conditions other than age. It is commonly diagnosed in individuals aged under 60. The general causes of Secondary Osteoarthritis include;
  • Obesity
Studies indicate that obesity and being overweight are major risk factors for secondary osteoarthritis since extra weight adds pressure on the joint causing faster wear of the joint.
  • Physical Inactivity
Orthopaedic doctors stress that lack of physical fitness and living a sedentary life affect the body just as smoking does. Engaging in physical activities strengthens the body and preserves the stability of the joint, but inactiveness does the opposite.
  • Injury
Fractures from accidents or sports injuries are major trigger factors for osteoarthritis in younger individuals.
  • Medical Conditions
Also, underlying medical conditions or poorly treated diseases may trigger osteoarthritis.
  • Genetics
You may have higher chances of developing secondary osteoarthritis in case it runs in your family. Orthopaedic doctors confirm that arthritis of the hands has a genetic link among women.

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