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Are you postponing your Knee Replacement Surgery? This is what you Must Do or Abstain from

Postponing a knee replacement surgery isn’t a rare decision and in fact, hundreds have postponed their knee replacement procedures for a year or more. Mostly, this may result from fear of having a metal or a plastic compartment fixed into one’s body, medical conditions, or lack of finances. Either way, being a knee replacement candidate shouldn’t be taken for granted in the case recommended by a professional and experienced surgeon since it may result in more damage.

Putting the fears aside, 90% of knee replacement surgeries have delivered desired results, helping thousands worldwide live a happier life and engage in numerous activities compared to them before the surgery. Either way, as you plan on undergoing your knee replacement surgery after a year or so, these factors shouldn’t be overlooked;

  • Your body weight

Your BMI (Body Mass Index), might have been the actual arthritis trigger. Therefore, as you wait for your surgery, you may have to keep your weight in check by eating the right foods that include vegetables, vitamin C sources, and ideal spices like garlic.

  • Regular Exercises

Rather than relying on your beliefs, it is necessary to request your surgeon for ideal knee exercises to strengthen the muscles, reduce pressure in the region, and control knee pain. It is ideally important to avoid strenuous knee exercises as they may only worsen the condition.

  • Walking

Walking is generally recommended for reducing stress, obtain a healthy body, and lose weight, but since you have knee pain, it is necessary to evaluate how long you walk for and the period. Morning and evening walk routines are excellent for arthritis patients, but you must keep in mind that your knee bones and ligaments might be significantly damaged (degenerated) to support you during the activity. Only walk when you can, but don’t stress the knee during the activity.

  • Lifting or Carrying Heavy Objects

According to arthritis studies, carrying weights hardly eliminates knee pain and in most cases, the activity may only escalate the pain. In case you feel pain and discomfort during the activity, it is best that you forgo it.

  • Standing up or Squatting

Extra care and caution are necessary as you stand up from a chair or squat since the normal knee may find it hard to provide all the necessary support. You should also remember that extra weight on the diseased knee may aggravate the pain, making your life more like a living hell. It is necessary that you limit your rate of standing up or squatting as much as possible.

  • Don’t force yourself to live with pain

Unless it is associated with any other type of treatment, postponing a knee surgery isn’t entirely approved in orthopedics. Undergoing timely knee replacement can, at times, reduce your chances of a total knee replacement.

All in all, weight loss and low-impact exercises like swimming have been found to reduce pain as a patient waits for his or her scheduled knee replacement surgery. Since severity differs from one patient to another, talking to your orthopedic doctor is crucial to provide adequate pain-relieving measures.

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