Oxidized Zirconium with XLPE
(Oxinium + XLPE =VERILAST)

The Oxinium material, which is a metal alloy altered into a ceramic utilizing a patented process has proven to be a very promising material for knee replacements. The combination of Oxinium and XLPE to attain what is known as the Verilast implant is believed to offer maximum durability and offers better performance and longevity than other implants.
The Oxidized Zirconium (Oxinium) was initially introduced as an alternative bearing surface for cobalt-chromium. This was aimed at reducing the polyethylene wear and also decrease aseptic mechanical failure of total knee replacement.

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What You Must Know About Oxinium

  • Studies indicate that prosthesis with the help of Oxinium reduces wear by 50%
  • The Oxinium material has a surface hardness twice than that of cobalt-chrome
  • The Oxinium material is 20% lighter than cobalt-chrome
  • The Oxinium material/Oxinium implants have the potential of lasting up to 30 years and are also suitable for young knee replacement candidates. This is because they are more resistant to wear when compared with other implants
  • The Oxinium material contains less than 0.0035% for detectable nickel, which is the leading cause of reactions in patients metal sensitivities.
  • The Oxinium material has the ability to escape the risk of brittle fracture that occurs in other ceramic implants

Traditionally, the knee prosthesis is manufactured from the cobalt-chrome alloys due to their strength and hardness, but with time, wear occurs due to friction and overload. Currently, Oxinium Knee Replacement in India serves as the future of knee replacements due to the durability provided compared to other implants.

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