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Is There Need To Do Some Preparations Before A Knee Replacement Surgery?

There is rapidly growing interested of the knee patients for the knee replacement surgery in India as this surgical treatment can help them to resume their normal routine without any discomfort and difficulty.

There is no doubt that the knee replacement procedure is the advanced option for treating the painful knees without many complications but before and after this knee replacement procedure patients have to prepare themselves accordingly and even the commitment of the patients to follow the presurgical and postsurgical instructions can optimize the after surgery results.

The patient needs to follow the follow following instructions before the knee replacement surgery

If you have decided to undergo the knee replacement surgery then it is the major step in itself as for any surgery patients need to be prepared mentally and physically, same for this surgical procedure also patient must be mentally prepared and self-motivated to follow the instructions given by the doctor before and after the surgery.

Moreover, patients should have the best health before the surgery as this surgery is not considered as the ideal solution for the patients who are diabetic or heart patients. In the pre-consultation, an orthopedic surgeon can give the following instructions and suggestions before the procedure

  1. Before the surgery ,patient may be asked to have some tests including the physical examination, blood tests, urination analysis , MRI scan and some others so that doctor may know about the best health of patient, extent of joint issue, blood count in the patient, chances of blood clots so that any potential complications can be prevented before the surgery.
  2. The doctor may also prescribe anticoagulants to make the surgery painless and even some injections to prevent any infection can be recommended
  3. If you are taking any blood thinner, painkiller or other medications then the doctor can ask to stop them for a few days so that chances for any complication can be prevented
  4. The patient is asked to take the nutritious diet before and after the surgery so that the body can get the required nutrition and can recover faster.
  5. Your doctor may also ask you to take some calcium supplements so that ligaments and the tendons can be strengthened. Even some patients are also asked to do some exercises so that body may heal in the better way after surgery
  6. The patient is asked to stop the alcohol consumption or smoking before and after surgery for a few weeks so that body can recover quickly.

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