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After A Knee Replacement

A knee replacement is supposed to relieve you from pain and perhaps help you return to your routine work in a short period, but efforts are required to completely get back on your feet. A well-trained physiotherapist can help you regarding this matter, but let’s observe how or what it will be like after a knee replacement.

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You must take the prescribed medications as the surgeon may have instructed. It is essential that you forgo any other type of medication that you may have been taking before the procedure. These medications include the steroid drugs or any other as they interfere with your recovery.

Some medications after a knee replacement treatment may be prescribed for several months, but there may be some side effects as they can damage the kidneys or the liver. Your physical engagement in physical activities, being careful and having a proper diet can reduce the necessity of these medications.


Depending on the type of procedure underwent, you may be able to walk in a few weeks. This mostly involves around your home and in your house. You will be able to walk without a walker within 15 days.

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Going back to work

This requires realistic expectations as your type of procedure and the leg treated highly influences this decision. Many individuals who undergo a knee replacement in India require at least 3 months to return to their work, whereas others can be able to work in case they work from home.

Physical Exercises

It is recommended that you try walking after the procedure, but this must be under supervision. Your walking will strengthen the joint and the leg, but for the case of exercises, you must wait a little longer to engage in any physical exercises. Avoid running, swimming, jumping, gyming, or squatting after the procedure.

You can try these after 13 weeks of your procedure.

Sexual Activity

Some individuals may be restricted from engaging in any kind of sexual activity as this may cause unintended injury, but in most cases, it is the pain that can stop many from engaging in sexual activities.

You can engage in sexual activities as long as you feel comfortable during the procedure.


Almost 50% of individuals who undergo a knee replacement treatment in India desire to know the time it would take them to return to driving. Orthopedic experts confirm that the knee treated influences this. Those whose right knee has been replaced may require at least 5 weeks to be sure that they are safe while driving whereas those who left knee has been replaced may require only 2 weeks as long as it is an automatic transmission.

Household duties

Your household duties like cleaning, cooking, sweeping, or washing can be conveniently performed as the days progress, but you may require help in case you feel pain. Cushions are recommended as you sit to perform any activity.

Avoid standing for a long period of time.

Protect the treated knee from dust or chemical atmospheres. Wear comfortable clothes and change the dressings as advised to prevent infections.

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