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Is Knee Arthroscopy The Best Option To Root Out Knee Pain?

Modern and sedentary lifestyle has improved our comfort but has reduced the physical exertion that has become a reason for many health problems including the joint pain. Lack of nutrition and exercise has made our bones stiffer and weaker that is why we are more prone to bone injuries and joint issues.

In some cases, these bone and joint injuries or problems can be reversed with the non-surgical treatments like medications but in some critical cases, we need surgery to get rid of the situation. Knee arthroscopy surgery is the one such procedure that is performed to restore the strength of the knee muscles and the bones. Let us have some more information about this surgery

What Is Knee Arthroscopy Surgery?

Knee arthroscopy is considered as an advanced and very effective knee pain treatment which is specially designed to diagnose and treat the knee problems. During this surgical procedure small incision has been made on the knee and then through this incision tiny camera called arthroscope is inserted inside the knee.

With the help of this camera, the doctor could have the larger image of the internal bone and muscles as a result of which doctors could examine clearly about the knee problem and could perform the surgery with more accuracy.

Who Are Candidates?

This surgery is recommended to the candidates who are suffering from these problems

  1. Torn anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments
  2. Relocated patella
  3. Fracture in knee bone
  4. Synovium swelling
  5. Torn meniscus

This surgery is generally recommended to the patients who have the intense pain in the knee or having a major injury in their knee bone. Primarily doctors go for nonsurgical treatments and if these treatments do not work then the patients are asked to have the surgery as the next best and effective option to get rid of their knee issue.

What is Knee Arthroscopy Procedure?

This surgery is mainly performed in the following there steps

  1. In the first step, doctors give anesthesia to the patients to put them to sleep throughout the procedure so that painless and comfortable surgery can be ensured.
  2. In the second step, the surgeon makes the small incisions in the knee and expands the skin to have a clear view of knee bone. During this stage, the arthroscope is inserted into the incision to have a clear image of the internal bone
  3. With the help of a tiny camera inserted through the incision, the doctor could locate the problem easily and then he uses the relevant medical tools for the correction of knee issue by inserting the implants or prosthetic cartilage. In this step, cuts are closed with proper stitches and the wound is covered with the bandage.

Thus arthroscopy surgery is the simple and effective options to get rid of knee pain it is painless procedure having the downtime of a few weeks.

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