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Joint Replacement Surgery

A joint is that location on the body where two or bones meet, and basically, these joints allow movements in numerous directions. The knee serves as an excellent example of a joint with the fact that it is considered a vital joint in the human body. The knee is made up of two main bones acting as a major support for the human body. These bones are held by the tendons, ligament, and muscles.

Lastly, each bone has what is called “cartilage” that serves as a protective cushion, allows low-friction movement within the bones, and also acts a shock absorber.

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Forms of Joint Replacement Surgery

Various forms of joint replacement surgeries include;
Ankle Replacement Surgery
Elbow Replacement Surgery
Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The Ankle Replacement Surgery
Also known as Total Ankle Arthroplasty, this is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon cuts the damaged or diseased bone and replaces it with plastic or metal components to re-create the ankle joint, treat arthritis, and also improve function. Strict elevation after the procedure is necessary as the surgeon observes the recovery process.

The Elbow Replacement Surgery
Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) are the major causes of elbow pain and disability. In case conservative medications fail to provide the desired results, an elbow replacement surgery where the damaged parts of the elbow are removed and replaced with metals is usually performed. Spurs and scar tissue are first of all removed, after which the surgeon prepares the humerus to insert the metallic component and the same is applicable to the ulna.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery
The shoulder replacement surgeries were initially uncommon, but over the years, shoulder replacement surgeries have become a definite solution for the different forms of shoulder arthritis and shoulder fractures. The shoulder replacement surgery takes about two hours and in this, the surgeon will simply eliminate the damaged natural parts and replace them with artificial devices.

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Candidates for Joint Replacement surgery

Basically, a joint replacement surgery is aimed at removing a damaged or a diseased part of the joint and replacing it with artificial parts. Candidates for a joint replacement surgery in India include those with;

  • Arthritis
  • A diseased joint
  • Wear and tear of a joint.

Normally, physical therapy, medications, and medications are the earliest forms of joint pain, but a joint replacement surgery may be required to eliminate pain in the case of a disease.
During the surgery, the surgeon will administer anesthesia to prevent pain and you will probably be sleeping during the procedure.

He will then replace the damaged joint with the finest artificial parts to serve as a new joint. You will be taken to the recovery room from where you will be monitored for a few hours after which you will return home.

Discussing the Joint Replacement Surgery

One may be left puzzled once he or she learns of the necessity for a joint replacement surgery. The nature of the surgery and the Joint Replacement Surgery Cost in India are the major factors that keep patients away.
Fortunately, Eva Hospital is a specialist centre in conducting joint replacements in an effective manner and at an affordable cost.

Physical therapy may be utilized to strengthen the muscles in addition to a range of motion exercises.

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