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What is Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which an orthopaedic surgeon eliminates the severely damaged hip parts and replaces them with artificial implants made from metal or plastic. Normally, hip replacement is the final treatment option for arthritis carried out under anesthesia.

During the procedure, the surgeon prepares the surface of the hip bone by removing the inflamed/diseased cartilage and later on attaching the replacement socket portion to the hipbone.

Hip Replacement Surgery & Cost

In the events of bone tumors, arthritis, fractures, injuries, and excessive pain that hinders one from performing his or her own activities, a total hip replacement is necessary. The hip structure is quite comprehensive, but in simple terms, there is a ball and socket joint that enables one move his or her legs, there is an acetabulum, which is a round socket into which the head of the femur fits, and lastly the femoral head, which is the spherical head acting as the ball.

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Hip Anatomy & It’s Function

The hip is a ball and socket joint located between the femur and the pelvis. The upper part of the femur extends to the ball and sits in the acetabulum and the entire joint is supported by ligaments.

In case of damage or injury to the ligaments, surgery is required to correct the problem for proper function since the joint cushion wear out with time.

The ligaments serve as a protective shield to the bone ends and in case this shield is damaged, it allows the bones to rub against each other which reduces the joint’s efficacy.

Within the joint is the synovial capsule from which the synovial fluid is produced to lubricate and preserve the cartilage.

Prior to the surgery, the orthopaedic doctor is able to locate the damage through an X-ray, MRI, or a CT scan and plan for the best surgical approach.

Hip Issues/Problems

Your hip is a vital joint that provides grand support to the lower part of the body and as well aids in motion. Arthritis is the most common problem affecting the hip joint apart from accidents or injuries.

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are the two commonest forms of arthritis that affect the hip.

Osteoarthritis & the Hip

This is caused by wear and tear of the joint and common in aging individuals. Damage or injury to the cartilage may trigger Osteoarthritis, whereas other may suffer from the same condition after a normal injury to the knee joint or genes.

Rheumatoid arthritis & the Hip

This form of arthritis roots from within the body, particularly from one’s immune system. It causes excessive production of the synovial fluid, leading to cartilage damage.

In other cases, one may experience hip pain after experiencing knee pain for a long period of time and in other cases, Hip Bursitis may be the issue.

Symptoms of Hip issues/problems

  • Pain
  • Burning/warmth
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loss of motion

Hip replacement is the ultimate solution to a severely damaged hip joint and the implanted prosthesis will provide normal function and support.

Reasons for Hip Replacements

  • Traditionally, the age was fundamental as to whether one requires a hip replacement or not, but today, one’s age isn’t a major determinant.
  • The case of total degeneration of the hip on either side or both, one may undergo a hip replacement and where both sides of the hips are treated, that is referred to as Bilateral Hip Replacement.
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Hip Replacement Surgery Cost

Various factors will influence your Hip replacement surgery and among them include;

  • The country selected
  • The hospital
  • The type of surgery
  • The implant selected
  • The surgeon’s reputation

Other factors like the nature of recovery/rehabilitation procedures must also be put into consideration.

Your hospitalization and co-morbid conditions will also influence your surgery cost. For your consideration purposes, you may consider the Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India that is different at centre by centre. Your cost may slightly differ in the case of a partial hip replacement and also increase in the case of a bilateral hip replacement.

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Cemented Hip Replacement

Cemented hip replacement serves as a good option in the case of older people who have weak bones. Cemented joints are known to form a quick bond with the bone and it provides immediate results after the surgery, but it is prone to loosening after ten or twenty years.
A discussion with the surgeon for a cemented hip replacement is necessary before the surgery.

Uncemented Hip Replacement

Uncemented hip replacements are known for forming a weak bond with the bone after the surgery, but with time, the replacements will form a stronger bond with the bone that is as well permanent. The uncemented joints are less likely to weaken in the future and for that matter, they are mostly selected for younger individuals.

Know Your Needs

Hip replacements are commonly performed to eliminate pain, stiffness and improve one’s quality of life, but there are many reasons as to why an orthopedic doctor may recommend as surgery. These include;

  • Improve mobility and movement
  • Corrections
  • Equalization among others

Selecting a well-established hospital, and basically that specialized in providing hip and knee replacements is the best decision you can ever make. Talk to a qualified surgeon about your expectations, lifestyle, and medical conditions.

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Tips to Maintain your Hip Health

  • Daily exercises (running, squat exercises, IT Band Roll, Piriformis stretch, single leg stance, crab walk, single leg bridging among others.
  • Increase your water intake.
  • Maintain a balanced diet.

Hip Replacement Cost

Hip Replacement (cemented) Rs. 1 lac
Hip Replacement (uncemented) Rs. 1.35 lac


Package includes:

Stay in private room for 5-7 days

All medicines – including post-operative medicines

Cost of ECG, Chest XRay, basic laboratory investigations

OT charges, Surgeon Charges, Anaesthesia and Anaesthetist charges

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