Hand & Wrist Pain

Apart from the legs, the hand and the wrist come next in performing daily tasks. But when the fingers are jammed or stiffened, you won’t have anything to do, but rather take a break and nurse yourself. The hand and the wrist comprise of various structures, such as 27 bones, ligaments, 20 muscles, tendons, and even joints. When you are attacked by arthritis, injury or even numbness from the carpal tunnel, you may end up requiring help from an orthopedic doctor.

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Hand & Wrist Pain Treatment

You must know that hand and wrist pain is very common, and in case you are a manual worker or a computer typer, you won’t be surprised in case you develop this pain in your lifetime. In most cases, this pain develops due to repetitive motion and favorably, breaks can help you relive this pain or eliminate it.

Arthritis is another condition that occurs due to repeated exercises, poor postures or even injury. Depending on the severity, different forms of hand – wrist treatment in India are provided.

Manual therapy and exercises to improve function and strength are some of the immediate treatment approaches to pain.

Pain relievers and creams can also be utilized for the same.

Carpal Tunnel

This is a common cause of arthritis in conjunction with arthritis, sprains, and strains. In this case, the orthopedic doctor at our hospital will perform an extended examination to locate the source of pain. Some of the common sources of pain, in this case, will be;

  • Active Joints
  • Nerve Entrapment
  • Cervical dysfunction

Manual therapist techniques are used to treat Carpal Tunnel and aid in correcting postural deficits that may cause similar symptoms.

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Treatment Cost per Extended Treatments

Manual Therapy
In order to decrease pain and improve hand and wrist function (mobility), manual therapy is used. A combination of manipulation and mobilization techniques are used to reduce pain and restore mobility. This treatment approach requires a thorough evaluation in order to ensure that all the biomechanics of the joints are involved.

Therapeutic Exercise Programs
These forms of programs are developed and tailored to the patient’s specific diagnostic results. With this treatment approach, your hand – wrist treatment cost in India will escalate since they are designed as long-term treatments.

With these treatments, the doctor will aim at reducing pain, improve function and prevent future injuries. You will learn various proper movement patterns that will help you heal the hand and wrist.

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