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How to Get Rid of Wrist Pain?


Wrist pain is defined as any type of discomfort in the wrist.  It is generally caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist injuries, arthritis, and gout are other factors that contribute to wrist pain.

Wrist Anatomy 

There are ten bones attached to the wrist joint, two coming from the forearm, the radius on the thumb side and the ulna on the pinky side, and eight coming from the hand called the carpal.

Bones and ligaments are supporting structures but if they have not been adapted to vigorous, repetitive training, they lack the flexibility to endure injury. Ligament sprains and bone stress fractures are common wrist problems.


Keeping your wrist in a bent position, such as driving a car, holding a phone, or typing on a computer, most of the day can cause stress. Some activities such as skiing, baseball, placards, dumbbells, or even gardening that includes repetitive exercise activities can be the cause.

The pain can happen after a long day or after a round of tennis or planks at the gym. These repetitive activities can cause weakness and stiffness in the wrists and fingers. Most of us struggle with wrist pain at some point or another.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (a nerve in the wrist) can also cause pain. Pain in the wrists, arms, or hands can also be a sign of tendonitis, swelling of the nerves that connect your muscles to your bones.

Gout that is caused by a combination of uric acid or arthritis that refers to swelling of the joints can also be a possible reason for discomfort and pain in your wrists.

This may require medical attention for conditions and injuries such as fractures and sprains. If you often experience pain in your wrists or hands, seek the advice of a good orthopedist as soon as possible.

But many of us feel restless or tired when we put pressure on our wrists during certain activities.

Exercises and Stretches 

Flexibility, extension, and radial / ulnar disruption activities are created by our forearm and wrist muscles. The rotation of the hand comes from the elbow joint. So the combination of elbow and wrist movements makes it a great exercise.

Our forearm and hand muscles have great potential for improving strength as most of us do not use them to their full potential. Constantly increasing strength training for the wrists can bring significant results. The exercise strengthens your wrists while keeping your hands and fingers flexible.

Wrist exercises are helpful to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. Stretches are often recommended to prevent or reduce mild pain. But people with inflammation or severe joint damage should avoid them unless prescribed by a doctor, Because, if so, exercise can do more damage to your wrists or hands.

Before trying new stretches and exercises it is important to consult a doctor. The doctor will first determine the exact cause of your wrist pain.

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Some Stretches That Can Help You to Relieve Wrist Pain

  1. Under the wrist stretches
  2. Thumb work 
  3. Simple hand and wrist stretches 
  4. Clenched fists
  5. Tennis ball squeeze
  6. Eagle arms
  7. Praying position stretches
  8. First to Fan stretches
  9. Yoga for wrist and hands

Prevention Of Wrist Pain

Wrist pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome can be prevented by practicing some of the following steps:

  • Use an ergonomic keyboard to prevent your wrists from tilting upwards.
  • Rest your hands often when typing or other similar activities.
  • Seek help from an occupational therapist to stretch and strengthen your wrists.

Sometimes surgery is needed to reduce the pressure on the arteries. This is done by splitting the carpal tunnel ligament under local anesthesia.

To Prevent Future Episodes of Gout:

  • Eat protein in moderation
  • Drink more water and less alcohol
  • Take the medicine under the supervision of a doctor

Take Away

The pain in your hands can be reduced or even completely relieved with some simple stretches. But always ask your doctor if these pulls are safe for you, especially if you are injured. If your doctor allows you to proceed, do these stretches every day, especially if you have work that requires hours of typing at a keyboard.

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