Modern Facilities

A sophisticated laboratory, surgical room, ICU, and an OPD facilitate efficacy. Eva hospital has an integrated system of quality health care with comprehensive related units with qualified attendants. Our hospital design and layout is excellent to offer safe movements for our patients. In addition, we a world-class hospital with modern technologies and instruments;

Volumetric imaging
This is a type of Computer-assisted surgical technology (CAOS), that involves using a CT-scanning, MRI and Ultrasonic techniques to provide a 3D image of the joint and navigate through various structures.

Kinematic Assessment
This is ideal for providing vital information about the bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

A modern Operation theatre
We have various instruments in our operating theatre fully approved and recommended by orthopedic experts. Our instruments are hygienically maintained and sterilized after every operation.

A well-equipped ICU
We have a 24*7 ICU ward open to handle emergency cases. It has a central backup oxygen supply, a defibrillator, comfortable beds, and numerous vital instruments. We have specialized care providers in our ICU department.

Comfortable Rooms
Our recovery rooms are hygienically maintained, with proper illumination, ACs, comfortable beds, and dedicated attendants.

We aim at giving you proper care and treatment, reducing stress, and perhaps surpassing your expectations. We are open to our patients and provide excellent help in one way or another.