Excellent Tips to Improve Your Orthopaedic Health

Millions of individuals regardless of their age group suffer from muscle, knee, and other joint pains caused by known and unknown factors. As an advanced Orthopedic centre in India, Eva Hospital presents several tips for an excellent and comfortable orthopedic health before you experience severe pain to render your life a living hell.

1. Your posture at Work

We understand that many of you have sitting jobs and your sitting postures have led to a number of spinal issues, knee and ankle problems. However, it may not be late to impact the following;

  • The Legs & Feet- Keep your thighs, hips, and legs parallel to the ground, whereas the feet must be flat on the ground.
  • The Neck- Keep your neck straight and your ears in line with your shoulders
  • The Shoulders- Keep them down and relaxed
  • The Back- Always monitor your back, keep it straight or put a pillow backward for support
  • The Elbows & the Wrist- Straighten your wrist while your elbows must be an angle of 90 degrees
  • The Distance from your computer- Level your eyes with the PC and leave at seventeen inches between your eyes and the PC.

2. Exercise
Various physical exercises will maintain your bones and muscle health. Swimming, walking, running, gyming, stretching among others, are ideal for you.

3. Diet & Nutrition
Having a balanced diet isn’t a bad idea, but watch your calcium and vitamin D intakes daily. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption and these two will maintain the health and strength of your joints and muscles.

4. Sleep Posture
Maintain a sleep posture that promotes the health and position of the spine’s natural curvature. With this, try sleeping either on your back with a pillow under your knees or lay on your side with your knees slightly bent “fetal position.”

All in all, get a checkup in case you experience recurring muscle and joint pain.