Elbow Replacement Surgery in India Plus Cost

Just like a knee replacement surgery, an Elbow Replacement surgery, also aims at replacing a damaged or diseased elbow, most commonly that affected by Rheumatoid arthritis.

This surgery is aimed at replacing the damaged or diseased elbow by using an implant to relieve pain and also restore functionality.

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What happens before the Surgery?

During your consultation with the doctor, he will examine your elbow and raise questions about your medical history. Additional questions will be about your lifestyle, medications, and expectations.

He will recommend you to take an X-ray in which the level of damage will be ascertained.

During the Elbow Replacement Surgery

Anesthesia will be administered and an incision will be made on your elbow where the surgeon will retrieve the damaged joint and remove it. An artificial joint will then be replaced and most specifically, a metal and plastic hinge will be used to join the implants.

In most cases, an elbow replacement surgery in India requires no hospitalization, meaning that you will return home the same day, but in other cases, a patient may be retained for at least 3 days.

After the Surgery

You will have stitches and a bandage on your elbow and you will be asked to keep your arm in a splint to provide stability during the recovery period.

You will be provided with medications to prevent infections and relieve pain.

Your ability to use the hand or elbow that has been treated will occur with time.

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During the Recovery Period

Physiotherapy is recommended to help you strengthen your elbow and your hand after the surgery. During this process, a range of motion exercises is performed, but it must be known that most elbow surgeries do not render the elbow to perform as initially before the disease.

You will be required to avoid any excises or activities that may cause further damage to your elbow. These activities may include;

  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Contact sports
  • Hammering
  • High jump

The Elbow Surgery Cost

For an Elbow Replacement Surgery Cost In India, the hospital, and the extent of damage highly influences the surgery cost in India. It is essential to choose an experienced surgeon for the procedure.

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