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Double knee replacement surgery and its up keeping

Many reasons prevail when a patient experience knee problem, it may be due to any disease, cartilage damage or wear and tear in joint then doctor usually prescribes to get their knees replaced.

Sometimes surgeons recommend to get substituted their knee or affected knee part with artificial one this process is call prosthesis which is made up of plastic, ceramic or any metal which must remain inactive chemically inside the knee.

Who should go for knee replacement surgery?

  • Persons who encounter difficulties in walking, severe pain or any chronic disease like rheumatoid arthritis and gout are more likely to go for knee replacement treatment whether it is one knee or both, in a single operation or staged one.
  • The individuals who are not on any medications and are more than 60 years of age are more prescribed to undergo knee replacement surgery.
  • The person should possess willpower and must invigorate him or herself for going through some physical hardship required for the rehabilitation and therapy for recovering mobility.
  • Patients who have some injury or knee deformation and bone or cartilage are lost.
  • Death of bone due to blood supply problem and disorders that cause’s unusual bone growth.

Types and stipulations for varied knee surgeries

Double knee surgery

It can be done in one operation or in two depending upon the medical considerations and parameters, as most of the patients undergoing double knee replacement need blood transfusions. So doctor will properly ensure that something must not obstruct the treatment or recovery.

Simultaneous bilateral knee surgery

In simultaneous bilateral as the name indicates both knees are replaced at the same time and generally takes two to four hours to finish.

Who can opt?

It is recommended to patients who suffering through tough, pathetic conditions and does not even walk properly, surgeon may examine the affected part thoroughly. Patients who have no any heart or lung problems can easily win over this surgery because it entails many risks and complications and blood loss too during or post- surgery but with proper medications and recovery guidelines it can be easily treated.


The best positive getting your both knees repaired or replaced at once is that patients does not need separate attention and time for healing, though it may require some aid from helper or family member when you are recovering and it can be completed in a same hospital with almost same medications for both knees.

Staged bilateral knee surgery

In this surgery both knees are treated at different times approximately when one operated knee get complete recovery then remaining one need to be replaced. It may have difference of more than 8 weeks and it also depends upon how early you heal your first knee and how intensified the problem was before surgery.

Who is eligible?

Firstly, the patients whose issue are not as much cumbersome and panic as patients undergoing simultaneous knee surgery can treat their single knee first. Secondly, who have less problem in other knee can treat at later stage and should give priority to most affected knee with the consultation of surgeon.


Shorter hospital stay and fewer medications are some of the major benefits of undergoing treatment separately for knee. And comparatively complications are far less than duplex surgery.

At length, the simultaneous knee surgery entails anesthesia doses depending upon the severity of trouble but staged surgery does not necessarily need such doses in all cases.

Risks involved in knee replacement surgery

Infections, heart-attack, blood clots, nerve damage and any failure related to artificial joint.

Patients over the age of 60 years are more prone to complications than who have less age.

Post Knee Surgery Or Recovery Phase

After proper substitution of knee patient will be shifted to hospital room after proper investigation. In-hospital time depends upon which surgery you have experienced. Patients at least need to stay 5- 10 days in the hospital under medical practitioner’s supervision so that proper medicines can be given and other complications can easily be removed if persists post-surgery like any infection or blood clot.

Patients shall be instructed to do some intensity and knee strengthening exercises when needed and some physical therapy programs needs to be followed which lasts for 3 months approximate.

It takes almost a year in most of the double knee replacement cases to recover but also directly proportional to your healing power and problem.

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