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Very Common Shoulder problems and Treatment

No doubt, with age the shoulder strength is lost because of wear and tear. But sometimes due to fall or sudden pressure can lead to a shoulder problem. In that case, it is essential you get the treatment at the right time so that the problem is solved. In this topic, we will tell you the common shoulder problem and the treatment options.

Here is some common shoulder problem which you might experience:

  • Dislocation

Sometimes the shoulder is pulled back or it gets rotated too far. Due to this, the top arm might get pooped out of its socket. In the shoulder, you might feel pain and weakness. You will also face swelling, pain, bruising, and numbness.

  • Fracture

If you fall so hard then the bone can crack or break. The arm bone and collarbone are mostly affected. You can also get a lot of pain and bruise. The collarbone can break which can harm the shoulder. With this, the person is not able to lift the arm.

  • Separation

This type of injury affects the collarbone as well as shoulder grade and it is known as AC joint (acromioclavicular). Due to fall, the ligament gets torn which holds it together. If the collarbone gets pushed from its place, then it might result in giving a bump on the top of your shoulder.

  • Rotator Cuff Tear

In your shoulder, there is a group of muscles and tendons which hold the arm in place and helps you lift it. They can get damaged if you fall or they are overused. With age also they start to wear and tear. If the problem is increasing a lot then you should visit your ortho doctor for shoulder replacement.

  • Impingement

The tendon of the rotator cuff gets pinched in the shoulder bone which results in pain and swelling. If you try to lift your arms over the head it can increase the problem.

  • Frozen shoulder

With this problem, the joint is not able to move properly. In the joints, abnormal bands of tissue start building up which prevent the shoulder from moving. The shoulder might freeze because of pain which limits you from doing activities.

What is the treatment option?

  • If there is dislocation, fracture, and separation then you need to visit the doctor urgently to get it in the right position.
  • The doctor will also suggest you exercise which makes the joint strong and its working will be improved.
  • If there is any other issue then the doctor will suggest heat or ice therapy. Along with that medications like aspirin or ibuprofen is given which helps in reducing the pain & swelling.
  • If the problem does not solve then you need to inject corticosteroids directly into the joint which helps the patient to get relief from swelling & pain.

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