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Cemented Total Hip Replacement

Cemented Hip Replacement is one of the most successful orthopedic procedure and has a high success rate for over forty years. In this method, both ace tabular and femoral components are used for cementing.

Cements are used to fill the crevices in the osteopenic bones. Cemented Hip Replacement is performed by our expert team of the orthopedic surgeons and has 100% results.

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What are the various advantages of the Cemented Total Hip Replacement?

• After this surgery, patients will be able to carry the full weight.
• Moreover, older people will be able to move immediately as the cement provides the immediate fixation of the prosthesis and host bone.
• Survival rate in the cemented hip replacement is more.

The Hip Replacement Operation

Before the Hip replacement surgery, you have to choose the type of anesthesia. There are two types of anesthesia used:
• General anesthesia – This is given to give patient proper sleep at the time of surgery.
• Epidural or spinal anesthetic – this anesthesia is used to numb your lower part of the body. This is typically given with the sedative so that patients should not be aware of the surroundings.
• After giving the anesthesia, your surgeon will remove the hip joint completely. The femur and the natural socket are hollowed in order to create the space for the prosthetic.
• In this step, the surgeon will implant the prostheses according to your choice.
• A socket is fitted in the pelvis and stem with the ball is attached in the hollow spaces that are created in the thigh bone.
• The cup and stem is fitted with the help of the acrylic cement.

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There are 60 types of prostheses or implants from where you can choose from. The choice will be narrowed to 4 or 5 options by your surgeon.
Your surgeon will suggest you the best one and it will also depend upon the cemented hip replacement cost in India.

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