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Is Young Age Good For Hip Replacement?

ip replacement surgery is often the last resort for elderly people who experience the condition of hip arthritis. But there is cause for concern when people of young age strive for such treatments. While the hip replacement surgery is seen commonly in the age group of 60 or above, the doctors are a bit surprised if a person in his 40s or 50s approaches the doctors for hip replacement. Some patients may be of younger age. The truth is that such surgeries are becoming common in the younger age group. Let us find out the reasons and implications.

Age and Hip Replacement

With the age of the patients plunging to an all-time low, the doctors are often left wondering how young is too young for hip replacement. But the truth is that getting operated in the younger years is likely to outweigh the risks that come with the surgery. The main benefits which the patient will experience are that he will feel less pain and more fit. It will help in enhancing his quality of life. He will be able to follow an active lifestyle which will keep away problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Problems, any?

The main problem that arises in conducting the replacement surgery of young patients is that the implants tend to wear out. Although the developers are trying their best to make the implants durable, the problem may lie in the activity level of the patient. We know that the lifestyle and activity level of a young patient will differ from the activity level of an elderly person. A young patient will have to be more cautious about his activities after the surgery.

How do the young patients fare?

The results are more encouraging in the older age group. The patients who are above 50 years of age show better results. The durability of the replacement is a point to be proud of.  Almost 90 % of the implants last for more than a decade .60 % of them can still be seen functioning after a duration of 15 years. The common fact is that the younger your age will be the time of replacement, the higher the chances of them wearing out.

The new Implants

Medical technology has improved over the years. The traditional material used was metal and plastic. The new implants are manufactured wholly out of ceramic or metal. They are predicted to be more effective and durable, going by the tests conducted by testing centers. But the prediction may just not be as efficient in predicting the actual results.

The Bottom Line

It is not easy to predict how suitable and durable a particular replacement surgery is going to be. In some cases, the results have been excellent while in some other cases, the implants had to be recalled and surgically removed. Sometimes the surface of the problem after the implants has been used for decades. We can say that there is no perfect solution to this problem. A word of caution will be suitable for the young generation-don’t try anything without verifying the facts and checking out the record of the surgeon.

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