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Understanding Fat Pad Syndrome and its Causes, Symptoms and available Treatments

Fat Pad Impingement in India is commonly seen issue due to various common or uncommon reasons. Patients of this syndrome feel pain in the front of the knee. In general fat pad is the mass of fatty tissue that lies behind the kneecap tendon and below the kneecap. This syndrome can occur when this fatty tissue becomes swollen and inflamed due to an injury or chronic irritation there can be following causes and symptoms of this syndrome:


  1. Due to fall, accident or football tackle, forceful blow can occur in the front of the knee.
  2. This disorder can also occur due to the tightening of quadriceps.
  3. Excessive extension of the knee can also be a reason for this fat pad syndrome.
  4. This fat pad impingement can occur due to forward tipping pelvis.
  5. Scarring and hardening of the fat pad.


Fat pad impingement or syndrome can have one or more symptoms and even it can include all below-mentioned symptoms

  1. Patients of fat pad impingement feel pain in the front of the knee.
  2. Noticeable swelling of the knee especially below and around the knee joint.
  3. Stiffness and straightening of the knee.
  4. Patients feel pain after a long walk, squatting and kicking.
  5. Patients do not wear high heels and feel pain with high heels.


For catching this culprit generally doctors look for the signs and symptoms of this issue as mentioned above and all these symptoms are detected after physical examination of the patient and the patient can be asked for the clinical test which is also known as the Hoffa’s test in which kneecap movement is examined after the contraction of quadriceps muscles.

Even patients are also asked for MRI for diagnosing the fat pad inflammation but for proper diagnosis of this syndrome there is a need for the assessment of physiotherapist and sports doctor.

Possible treatments

Possible treatments

There is a possibility to get rid of this issue with effective treatment options available but most of the time physiotherapy is recommended to the patients as during physiotherapy patient could have following benefits:

  1. Physiotherapy helps to relieve the pain and inflammation of the knee and it may include the electrotherapy, cryotherapy, therapeutic taping, and even acupuncture or gait education is also recommended.
  2. It helps to restore the joint and muscle strength with a proper range of motion.
  3. It helps to improve the kneecap alignment.
  4. Physiotherapy also help the patient in improving the dynamic balance, landing technique, landing function such as walking, running, squatting and hopping

If the patient does not get relief with physiotherapy then it is recommended to discuss this problem with the knee surgeon so that suitable effective treatment can be recommended and even in some cases for fat pad impingement surgical treatment is also recommended in which arthroscopic debridement or even partial removal of fat pad is done to give permanent relief to patient.


  • As it is generally said that prevention is better than cure so it is better to do something that could prevent this fat pad impingement. For preventing the occurrence of this issue you must optimize the strength and flexibility of the muscles of knee and even of legs, hip, or ankle by doing the adequate exercises with the recommendation of a physiotherapist or some specialist.

If you are having the history of this impingement then you must avoid some activities like kneeling, squatting, kicking for a longer time so that you could prevent the occurrence of this syndrome again. Even high heels should be avoided to get rid of this problem.

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