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What Is The Two-Midnight Rule For Knee Replacement Surgery And What Is The Update About It And How Hospitals Justify It?

Total knee replacement is the surgical procedure in which the painful knee of the patient has been replaced with the artificial implant to restore the normal functioning and strength of surrounding muscles and knee. But when the patients go for total replacement surgery then there is a confusing issue that comes in front of them that is ‘two-midnight stay rule.’

What is two-midnight stay rule?What is two-midnight stay rule?

Total knee replacement is the surgical method in which through the small incision painful or damaged knee has been replaced with the artificial implant so that patient could get rid of arthritis and its related symptoms and can do his all routine activities. It is a safe and effective treatment that is considered as outpatient treatment in which generally patients are not admitted in the hospital but are operated and discharged on the same day after surgery.

However the ‘two-midnight stay rule’ allow the patients to go home after two days of the surgery means on the second day of after surgery. Some hospitals admit the patients for surgery and keep them for two midnights however a few hospitals ask the patients to go home on the same day of surgery.

Justification of ‘two-midnight rule’

With this rule of inpatient procedure means to keep the patient in the hospital for two midnights can be a bit expensive for the patients as they have to bear the hospital charges for two days and other related charges, it can make a huge difference to the cost of total knee transplant surgery. But the hospitals justify the rule by explaining the reason that it is quite important to know the patient’s status for two days after surgery and is important to take care of the patient and prevent him from any kind of infection or potential risks related to surgery.

Two-midnight rule’ update

It can be quite confusing for the patient whether total knee replacement surgery is outpatient or inpatient? But CMS has given an update about this two-midnight rule to clear the things. According to CMS surgery can be done outpatient but not at the risk of the status of patient means if the patient is not having good health after surgery due to some reasons like medical health, reaction to anaesthesia, age or any other then patient can be given surgery as inpatient and CMS also cleared that it will be decision of the only surgeon to decide the length of stay for patient after surgery, however, he could have been asked for written justification in the form of reports to justify his decision. According to CMS, the patient can be kept in hospital for the time until he would not come out from the expected associated risks with his case. It means depending on case to cease doctor can decide about ‘two-midnight stay rule.’

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