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The Top 4 Quad Exercises For Your Knee After A Knee Replacement Surgery

At the end of it all, more emphasis is required after your knee replacement surgery. The knee replacement surgery is obviously more successful and minimally invasive, but underestimating the importance of rehabilitation may reduce the overall results.

Conducting the best or certainly, the effective quad exercises can help strengthen the quadriceps muscle located in front of your thigh. The quadriceps are generally vital when it comes to knee stability and movement. In simple terms, the quadriceps prevent your knee from buckling and help you stand or walk.

Here Are The Top 4 Quad Exercises You Must ConductHere Are The Top 4 Quad Exercises You Must Conduct

Quad Sets “Squeezes”

This knee exercise can be performed as below;

  • Simply lie on your back on either a bed or the floor and then extend your legs.
  • Secondly, tighten your quadriceps ‘quads’ generally on the leg that was operated. Make sure to keep your legs straight.
  • Lastly, hold the muscle squeeze for at least 5 seconds and then release.

Knee Extensions

These are somehow simpler knee exercises and you can follow the following steps during practice

  • First, sit in a chair and fix your feet on the ground in a flat style.
  • Secondly, lift the leg that was operated and then straighten it as much as possible. Try to hold the leg for at least 6 seconds and then put it down.
  • Do the same as long as you can

Short arcs

With this exercise, you can request for help in case required;

  • First; lie down on your back as your legs are extended and then place a rolled towel under the treated knee. Try to keep it slightly bent.
  • Then straighten the new knee in order for your heel to lift up from the ground, but keep your knee on the towel. Hold for at least 6 seconds and then put down the heel.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are considered the most challenging or difficult knee exercises after a knee replacement procedure. Due to this, the surgeon will recommend this form of exercise at least 10 days following your surgery.

This knee exercise flows as below;

  • First; lie on your back and then straighten the treated knee. While your other leg is bent, lift the treated leg high enough, but to the extent that you can manage.
  • Hold the treated leg there for at least 6 seconds and then put it down.

These exercises must be conducted gradually and within comfort zones. Try to request for help where necessary or directly head to a physiotherapist.

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