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Thinking About Getting Your Knee Or Hip Replaced, Let’s See How Or Why You Should Get It Done.

At one point in time, Joint replacement used to be called the high tech, but nowadays it’s quite common, Doctors are replacing countless numbers of

Hips and knees, everywhere across the globe. Recent researches also conclude that the surgeries help in reducing the pain.

For many, it is nothing less than a life-changing process, but it doesn’t mean that it works for everyone. You will have to check whether it works fine with you or you are just getting it done because someone in your family got it done. Well if that’s the reason, please think about it again!

Why should you get it done in the first place?Why should you get it done in the first place?

Please consider these pointers before considering for the surgery.

Unbearable pain or stiffness

In case you have trouble moving around, walking is a hassle, leave alone climbing stairs or getting up from a chair, what! You’re sitting down and trying to get up! God bless you! Take care! It is a long-term pain, lasts around 6 months (if not more)

Lifestyle is badly affected!

Trust me when I say that! Not just the pain but the way your life revolves also goes for a toss. Does the pain limit what you can do? Does your mood also get affected?

The damage put to the bone

All your medical reports, X- rays and other tests prove that you are in need of help.

Nothing seems to come at your rescue.

You have been trying your hand at all your grandmother’s home remedies, Ayurveda treatments have finished showing no results at all, homoeopathy is of no use, I mean you have done it all, but no relief at all.

Defect in leg

There is severe swelling or bow in the leg.


The topmost reason for avoiding a replacement is any kind of infection you have had (especially recently), god forbid! If it spreads to the area where joint is, right after surgery even after some months, it could lead to serious issues.

Other health problems

In case of a history of heart attack, any kind of stroke, diabetes, which cannot be controlled, then again it can be an issue, your weight can also be one of the reasons that your doctor is denying you for a surgery.

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