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Thigh pain – Definition, causes, Diagnosis, treatment

Uneasiness in your upper thigh, for example, burning, hurting, and torment can be a typical affair. It is not something to be frightened about, there are a few cases in which torment in your upper thigh can be a sign of a progressively genuine fundamental condition. It might likewise be joined by different signs, including numbness, itching, burning sensation, tingling, and difficulty walking. At the point when torment goes ahead all of a sudden, there’s no obvious reason, or it doesn’t react to home medications, for example, ice, rest, and heat, you should look for medical treatment.

What are the causes of thigh pain?

There are various conditions that may add to upper thigh torment. They include:

Meralgia paresthetica

It is caused by weight on the parallel femoral cutaneous nerve, meralgia paresthetica might prompt deadness, shivering, and a consuming torment in the external piece of your thigh. It happens on one side of the body and is caused by pressure on the nerve. Regular reasons for meralgia paresthetica include pregnancy, diabetes-related nerve injury, overweight, tight clothing, scar tissue from previous surgery, hypothyroidism, and lead poisoning.

Blood clot

While many blood clumps aren’t destructive, when one structure somewhere down in one of your real veins, it’s a genuine condition known as deep vein thrombosis. While profound vein clusters seem in the lower legs, they can likewise shape in one or the two thighs. Once in a while, there are no indications, however different occasions they may include pain, tenderness, swelling, a warm sensation, and bluish discoloration.

Muscle strains

The muscle strains can occur in any piece of the body, they are regularly in the hamstring and may prompt thigh torment. Signs might include soreness, swelling, stiffness, weakness, muscle spasms, limited range of movement, and sudden onset of pain.

Risk factors for thigh pain

While there are different reasons for thigh torment, each with their very own hazard factors, regular ones include diabetes, pregnancy, being overweight, and repetitive exercises, such as running.


Conclusion for most conditions that add to thigh torment will include a physical examination by a doctor who will assess the hazard components and manifestations. On account of meralgia paresthetica, specialists may arrange an electromyogram/nerve conduction study or MRI to decide whether nerves have been harmed.

Treatment for thigh pain

Much of the time, thigh agony can be treated with home cures, for example, weight management, ice, heat, extending and fortifying exercises for the pelvis, hip, and center, and over-the-counter prescriptions, for example, acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen. Notwithstanding, if those measures don’t give help following a few days or if increasingly genuine indications go with the torment, you should look for medical treatment. Now and again, doctor prescribed medications, physical therapy, and medical procedure by orthopedic surgeon might be required.


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