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How To Tackle Chronic And Acute Sports Injuries?

Exercise and sports activities are essential for a healthy life because it keeps a person physically and mentally fit. Sports injuries are of two types – chronic and acute injuries. A sportsperson met with these injuries due to lack of equipment and proper training.

Chronic Injuries-:

A chronic injury is defined as repetitive motion of your body parts. Many people met these injuries who are swimmers, runners, and who are doing cycling. It is the result of overusing one part of the body during games and sports. Some examples of these injuries are stress fractures, runner’s knee and heal inflammation. Chronic injuries happen only when a sportsperson overdoing his work or due to lack of improper training.

Symptoms Of Chronic Injuries-:

  • Pain when performing an activity
  • Swelling
  • A dull ache when at rest

Acute Injury:-

Acute injury is basically related to a bone fracture, tearing a muscle, and bruising. It happens only when a sports person falling down on another person.

Acute injuries require less attention of doctor than chronic injuries because it takes less time to heal.

Symptoms Of Acute Injuries-:

  • Swelling
  • Sudden severe pain
  • Extreme tenderness in an upper limb
  • Extreme limb weakness
  • Inability to move a joint
  • Inability to place a weight with a lower limb
  • Break of bone

How To Manage Injuries ?

When you met with a chronic injury then you should take proper rest and follow the ice treatment. Otherwise, you should take medications and physical therapies in order to get instant relief.

You should follow some physical therapies such as gentle stretching and strengthening exercises. If you feel extreme pain then you should consult a doctor for better medication.

Make sure you should avoid overuse of anything and always follow proper guidance, training, proper gear, warming up, and cooling down.

If you do not follow these instructions you will meet with these injuries daily during your exercise time.

When To Consult A Ortho Doctor For Advice ?

For an Acute Injury-:

If you will find your injury serious then immediately visit an Ortho Clinic to get professional Sports Injury treatment. If you feel these signs at your body then go to a doctor-:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Fever
  3. Trouble breathing
  4. Instability in a joint

For Chronic Injury-:

Delay in medication may lead to serious problems. You should consult a doctor even for minor injury if you cannot treat it properly at home. If you feel the symptoms of discoloration, swelling, and severe pain during the first week of injury.

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