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Sports Injuries Management At Eva Hospital

Obviously, we enjoy sports like football, basketball, volleyball, India’s cricket, rugby, but who knows exactly how these athletes handle and manage their sports injuries? On the other hand, injuries can also occur during mere physical exercises like running, during house activities, or even in the gym.

In addition, sports trauma varies depending on the body part affected and how bad the injury was. Dr. Tanveer Singh Bhutani, an experienced orthopedic surgeon in India confirms that there are various sports injuries that include;

Osteoarthritis- This is a degenerative form of arthritis caused by wear and tear.

ACL Injuries– This is one of the commonest sports injuries that occur due to sudden twisting motions that damage the anterior cruciate ligaments.

Ankle Sprain- Sprains must be a major concern as they can become emergency cases.

Tennis Elbow- Elbow pain is commonly caused by repeated motion, and this also applies to hand and wrist pain.

Cuff Tear- Improper motion or lifting can cause cuff tear issues. Rotator cuff tears are injuries that occur to the tendons and muscles attached to the shoulder joint.

Shoulder Injuries – Repetitive motion or mere injuries can cause shoulder pain.

Sports Injuries Treatment
Eva hospital offers excellent as well as world-class Sports Injuries Treatment in India with the best care and concern towards a patient. Minimally invasive procedures like Arthroscopy are utilized to treat sports injuries, whereas physical therapy, medications and motion exercises can be of good help.

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