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Sports And Activities Ideal After A Total Knee Replacement

A knee replacement surgery is a bad news for the sportsperson. He might start visualizing himself as spending an inactive lifestyle. But your fears are unfounded if you are thinking on those lines. Yes, you may require some time to return to your normal activities but it definitely won’t amount to spending sedentary lifestyle all your life. While it will be necessary to avoid high-pressure activities, you need not stay away from sports which require light movement. You will have to sacrifice activities like jogging, basketball, football, gymnastics, weight lifting after total knee replacement surgery but that is not the end. Read the lines written below and you will soon find out multiple ways to remain active-

Walking and Hiking

You can indulge in light activities like Walking And Hiking after total knee replacement as these activities are low impact , and they put minimal stress on your knees.


It is an activity which will work towards strengthening your knees. Initially, you must start with a low tension bike. Also, first use the stationary bike , then proceed to ride one outside.


This is one activity which you can take up even before the wound heals; it is absolutely safe as there are no chances of getting a strain on the knees. So  ,head for splashy times as soon as your stitches get removed.

Gentle Aerobics

Calisthenics, the low impact aerobics, is a preferable choice when you want to be active after a total knee replacement surgery. They are also good for enhancing the strength and flexibility of the body.

Low-Resistance Rowing

It makes for a great activity for people who want to avoid knee movement. But one must be careful about one thing –the knee angle of the machine should be greater than 90 degrees.

Low-Resistance Weightlifting

You can opt for Low-Resistance Weightlifting as it does not put stress on your newly fixed artificial knees.

Daily Activities

When the surgery is fresh, you will have to be careful about your knees. Avoid doing too many activities in a short span of time. The inconvenience and inability to do many activities will soon go away as time passes by. Once you have stopped taking medications, you can resume your daily activities, including driving. But Before that, you will have to consult the doctor.

Which sports can you play?

In this condition, low-impact sports like Bowling, Rowing And Double Tennis can be taken up. It is also vital to remember that controlling your weight will put less stress on your knees. It is highly recommended that you start these activities after consulting the doctor properly and clearly.

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