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Soft Drinks & Bad Knees! – Is There Any Link Between These Drinks & Osteoarthritis?

We generally know quite a number of arthritis causes and basically osteoarthritis. The deeper we proceed with research, the more we learn that trouble lies in our habits and lifestyle. Recently, a conducted study linked osteoarthritis to soft drinks. How could this be? Soft drinks are generally part of everyone’s lifestyle. If not a cup of coffee, the next in mind is a soft drink. In fact, soft drinks are companions to meals and after sports. So, what is research trying to say?

Osteoarthritis as a Knee Threat

Osteoarthritis is basically a degenerative type of arthritis. It commonly affects individuals aged 50 and above. The condition gradually develops due to the constant movement that one’s legs are subjected to. With time, the cartilage wears away and the bones begin rubbing over each other.

The result in a long run is a burning sensation, pain, stiffness, and immobility. Normally, the only alternative to the failed immediate treatments is surgery. A knee replacement surgery tasks an orthopaedic surgeon to introduce an artificial implant “prosthesis” after removing the damaged knee bones.

What Does Research Say About these Soft Drinks?

The findings that were presented during a conference included these;

  1. The consumption of 5 or more non-diet soft drinks each week can result in a significant progression of osteoarthritis. This is totally true in men with a normal weight or you can say non-obese.
  2. The finding suggested something different in obese men. The obese men did not have a significant progression of osteoarthritis, like the non-obese ones. Researchers failed to find the major reason why this was so. They suggested that it might be due to a number of other factors linked to the number of soft drinks consumed.
  3. The researchers also suggested that non-obese men could have developed progressive osteoarthritis because of a poor diet or poor lifestyle.

What To Do?

Researchers suggested that stopping the consumption of the soft drinks can hinder arthritis from progressing. This is highly necessary for those who have progressive arthritis and those who consume more than 5 nondiet soft drinks.

The researchers also suggested the following to reduce the progression of arthritis or prevent it.

  • Regular physical exercises (in moderation)
  • Eat healthy foods (regularly)
  • Maintain strength & stability of the knees

Drinks to Drink When You are Arthritic

In case you are arthritic, it is high time you look at your daily meals and liquid consumption rate. Generally, the following drinks will help you deal with arthritis;

  • Water

Many say ‘water is life’. They are totally right and I agree with them. Take at least 8 to 9 glasses of water on a daily basis to help your body lubricate the joints and also eliminate the wastes through the urine. Make it a point to take more water on a daily basis.

  • Fresh Juice

For those who dearly love soft drinks, fresh juice is seen as an excellent alternative. Fruits are generally good sources of vitamins that help fight off infections.

Drinks to Avoid

These should be eliminated from your timetable

  • Energy drinks

Energy drinks contain caffeine, a compound believed to trigger arthritis. With that, it is important to avoid caffeinated drinks.

  • Soda

It is one of the commonest soft drink widely consumed. Limit it’s consumption as it has the capacity of leading to progressive arthritis.

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