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Who Said Arthroscopy Is Only For Sports Persons?

The word Arthroscopy comes from two words ‘Arthos which means Joints and ‘Scope’ means to see. It can also mean the Visualizing interior of human joints through lenses. All the joints in the human body allow a safe infusion of around 4mm camera and other instruments at key points, which allow the surgeons to see through and then cure the damaged tissue.

Boons for getting arthroscopy done

It allows the surgeons to cut a less amount of tissue to go to the joint in comparison to open joint surgery. This obviously is less painful and also increases the chance to recover quickly. The camera is used for magnifying the field of view and also allows the surgeon to do the surgery delicately. The joint areas that were earlier not able to operate through this surgery can now be easily be operated through this process.

What parts of the human body can be treated?

Mostly all the joints can be cured. Knee arthroscopy forms the main part of the surgery, after which comes shoulder. This can be done on the elbow, ankle, hip joint and wrist, as well.

Are sports persons only eligible for getting this done?

No, not true, it is quite a myth that only sports persons are in need of it. Anyone who has been injured be it in the house or on the roadside, or anywhere else, can have it done.

Are sports persons only eligible for getting this done?

Which knee diseases require the arthroscopy to be done?

Any kind of hamstring injuries of the knee is the most common reason to get arthroscopy done. In case of any injury in the knee due to an accident or while playing sports, anyone feels the knee to be loose, then the person will get a relief from arthroscopy. Many people experience repeated episodes of the locked knee, which can be easily cured by arthroscopy.

Which shoulder diseases require the arthroscopy to be done?Which shoulder diseases require the arthroscopy to be done?

The most repeated dislocation of the shoulder is a sports injury, which can be very well cured by arthroscopy. Even diabetics patients get shoulder injuries, like tearing of shoulder tendons, because of which one cannot lift their arms. Another common issue which people face is frozen shoulder, where the shoulder becomes very stiff, in case it still remains despite medicines and physiotherapy, then arthroscopy is a good option.

Which elbow, wrist, and ankle diseases require arthroscopy?

Tennis elbow, that doesn’t get effective even by taking medicines and physiotherapy, can be treated by elbow arthroscopy. In the same way wrist fractures, swellings. Severe ankle pain which results from sprains, swellings, all can be treated.

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