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Risks You Are Prone To If You Delay Your Knee Replacement

Knee pain is seen to be a common health complaint. We often dismiss it as a normal part of aging. Most of us tend to think that such a condition needs no medical intervention and it can be alleviated with the use of an ointment or taking pain killers. The pain is sometimes so much that it leads to problems in walking and sitting. What the patients don’t realize that knee pain is not merely an uncomfortable feeling in the knees, it could well indicate the presence of some other condition in the body. Few people know that it could be an indication of renal failure , or toxicity on the nephrological system. Patients suffering from such a problem should not delay going in for knee replacement surgery.

The After Effects Of Avoiding Knee Replacement

Many patients postpone knee replacement due to fear of pain or stitches but they should realize that it might lead to many other complications later on. The pain might increase and the problems may follow, troubles might surface in event of postponing knee replacement

  1. Deformities might develop inside or outside the joints
  2. The mobility of the patient might be affected – The patient might experience greater discomfort in performing normal activities like moving, standing and sitting.
  1. The muscles and ligaments might become weak and stop functioning.
  2. The knees might become deformed. If the operation is delayed, the deformity increases , leading to further problems. If the treatment is delayed, it might lead to problems in performing the surgery as well. The surgery may require a lot of time and may be quite complex to perform.
  3. The knees might become weak and stop performing their function.
  4. Pain –The patient might experience excruciating pain which might lead to complete avoidance of activities such as walking, sitting or standing.
  5. Stiffness –the knees might become so stiff that they become difficult to move. Stiffness might result in problems in postoperative recovery too. An operation carried out in the early years will be less complicated AND PROBLEMATIC AS compared to operations carried out in the later years.
  6. Emotional problems-The lack of activity and chronic discomfort might result in depression, anxiety and lack of confidence. They might become socially reclusive and lonesome. This can further lead to other diseases as depression and stress give rise to various other problems.

If we go by the reasons stated above, it is significant that one gets the problem of pain in the knees diagnosed on time. If the doctor recommends a knee replacement surgery, one should get it done without any delay to prevent further discomfort.

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