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Risk Factors Associated with Chronic Knee Pain

The joints in our body such as knees, shoulders, elbows, and ankles are more prone to injury, damage, and pain. It is not a critical condition but it can restrict you to perform your daily activities. You are able to do your work on time and sometimes you need the help of others to get the work done. Joints help our limbs to move freely. It might frustrate you when it hampers your daily routine. There are times when you should get knee replacement if the pain is in excess. If the problem still persists then the doctor might recommend you knee pain surgery.

Here Are Some Factors That Contribute To The Risk Of Knee Pain :


This is one of the prime reason due to which the patient suffers from chronic knee pain. If your body weight is excess then it will put pressure on your joints such as knees. It is important that you should keep your weight under control. Due to this, you cannot do your work on time and you cannot involve yourself in any type of physical activity.

Previous injury

Sometimes the problem of knee pain might get trigger due to the previous injury. If you are an athlete then you are more involved in daily activities of running, exercising, or swimming. This will affect the joints which lead to severe pain in the knees.


This is a metabolic disorder and people with this problem will experience the problem of knee pain. It starts forming uric acid crystals in the joints. This might cause severe pain and inflammation. It also affects the movement of your knees.


Different type of bacteria or virus can inject the pain and they can even cause some type of arthritis. So, you should take care of your body and take necessary precaution before doing anything.


If you are involved in physical activity then it is important you should warm up your body by stretching as it will strengthen your muscles around the knees. If you put your knee in repetitive strain by doing sports, exercise or any other physical activity then you might experience micro-trauma. Due to this, there are high chances that you might develop arthritis.

Age Factor

The risk of arthritis gets triggered with age. It develops after the age of 40.

Treatment :
It depends on which type of problem you are suffering from or how much pain you have. Some of the things that the doctor might recommend.

  • Surgery
  • Medications
  • Exercise that includes low-stress

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