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Is It The Right Time To Get Back To Sports After The Back Injury?

Getting back seat after a sports injury can be the tough task for the sportspersons as they become unable to do what they love to do after the injury to the one and only one question that makes then restless is when they can get back to their sports?

Well, there is not any fixed time to return to your sports after injury as there are many factors that can affect positively or negatively to your recovery process and after only the complete recovery you can safely play your sports again.

Following are the variables that can calculate the time for your recovery and time of getting back to the ground.

  1. Type of injury you had,
  2. The severity of the injury,
  3. Your fitness level,
  4. The healing process of the body,
  5. Your mental health,
  6. Your commitment to your contribution to the recovery
  7. The sport you play

According to the orthopedic doctors and the expert, therapists explain that there is variability in the recovery after back injury as there can be various reasons for the pain generations and there can be various factors that can affect recovery timeline of anyone. According to experts’ sports, the injury is the mental components also as your emotional state help you to bear the pain and to come out from the situation so it can be difficult to say for anyone that what is the ideal time to get back to sports after the back injury?

As per the opinions of the expert, only the mental condition and response of person towards treatment and pain management along with the physical examination done by the experts can give the idea about the right time to start sports activity again. However player himself can get an idea about his re-entry to sports by ensuring the following pointers

  1. Before planning to go ground it is important to start from your routine activities as the activities like walking up and down stairs or banding for tying shoes can also trigger the time of proper recovery
  2. you have tolerable pain means you do not feel pain in doing simple movements
  3. your doctor and therapist have given you a green signal for playing sports
  4. you are not having traumatic fear about the injury in your mind and are mentally prepared for playing sport
  5. you have nailed your regular activities then you can plan to return to your sport after back injury
  6. you feel yourself physically fit and recovered after injury

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