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Replenishment After Knee Ligament Surgery

It is of utmost importance to grasp the each and every step of ACL treatment by the prone athletes or ligament tear patients to recover the knee problem soon , if they do not understand the problem then sometimes post-injury patients starts continuing their walking and jogging after which their problem exacerbate to a point and fracture may occur. ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and PCL (posterior cruciate ligament ) both having intricate geometry in crossed formation and ACL is one of the prime 4 ligaments in the human knee which provides more than one third of restraining force to tibia displacement at an angle of thirty degrees and ninety degrees of knee movements.

Anatomy of problem

Femur and tibia are the two bones which are responsible to keep all knee joint ligaments and tendons together to achieve required mobility in knee joint but sometimes inward jerk tears the ACL which perils the tibia and femur to move in opposite direction so this shear strain tears off the anterior cruciate ligament after which a person feels intense pain, inability to move and weakening of knee muscles for longer periods of time.

Treatment overview and carefulness post – treatment

Allograft and autograft are two procedures to cure ACL tear, even sometimes complete ACL need to replace with new one by the donor tissue or ligaments from the patient’s own body which comes under allograft and when tendon or tissue is obtained from other body then it is call allograft procedure.

Get to know about tips which can boost your recovery

Recovery time ranges from one to two years or even more depending upon the intensity of tear or operation that whether they opt for allograft or autograft.

A patient should begin mobility exercises as soon a possible after the surgery, it will be difficult to perform knee flexion and extension but do not push into pain, try to do in whichever position feels comfortable, lying, standing or sitting. Moreover, call raises, hip abduction are also beneficial.

Crutches usage is also mandatory in walking and they bears full load of the body and do not let the knee strain again, after 2-3 weeks of surgery a patient may be able to walk gradually without crutches. Apart from this, brace can also be fastened by therapist to limit patient’s mobility in particular region only, don not change the settings of brace yourself.

Wound care must be done because when you are discharged from the clinic then do not let your bandages go wet and if required to clean something then cover the operated part with plastic cover.

Pain is also a crucial part of this surgery and doctor will recommend/prescribe medicines when patient feels it.

You must contact doctor in cases when bleeding does not stop upon giving slight pressure on knee, excessive pain, inflammation and swelling occurs abnormally and yellowish discharge from knee. Though, these are rare cases but patient should review his or her operated part frequently after the surgery and tell the doctor accordingly.

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