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How to Reduce Knee Pain

A majority of individuals with severe osteoarthritis are those aged above 55. Severe knee pain can also result from improperly treated knees after a fatal accident that reduces the knee’s efficiency and capacity. Things, like climbing the stairs, walking around, or enjoying a party may become a myth due to the intense pain that results from excessive knee damage.

For patients with excessive knee pain have experienced nights that become years full of discomfort and are automatically unbearable. Here are the best and effective ways to reduce your knee pain.

  • Convenient regular knee exercises

You may think that heavy exercise is the key to combating knee pain, but no. Simple exercises are rather more excellent in reducing the amount of pain that you feel.

Whereas exercising a diseased or damaged knee seems impossible, taking prescribed painkillers will help calm down the pain to facilitate convenient exercises.

Losing Weight

  • Losing Weight

Obesity is the risk factor for osteoarthritis. Losing more pounds as much as possible is the key factor to reducing the amount of pain that you feel. Also, attain better habits to keep the recommended BMI to prevent knee pain in the future. These include dietary changes and regular exercises.


  • Medications

You can’t overcome severe knee pain with personal treatment approaches. Consulting an orthopaedic doctor for possible treatments to calm down the pain is very essential. These medications indeed help to postpone one’s requirement for a knee replacement surgery.

In the new treatment approaches, patients can attain treatment via a video call, which prevents them from moving miles to the hospital. In addition, the ECG of a patient in an ambulance can be digitally transmitted to the doctor before the patient arrives at the hospital. This is also applicable to the CT scan, x-ray or an MRI that can be read by a radiologist far from where the images were taken.


  • Physiotherapy

It is a non-surgical treatment that is similarly required after a knee replacement surgery. Physiotherapy is a medical field with professional doctors who utilize mechanical force and movements among others to correct impairments, improve mobility and relieve knee pain.


  • Acupuncture

This Chinese method, where needles are pierced into given body parts, can help relieve knee pain. However, you need to attain treatment from a trained and professional doctor. Cushioned insoles to reduce stress on your knee are used.

Don’t rest too much

  • Don’t rest too much

Resting too much can weaken your muscles which can worsen your knee pain. Try to move around in case possible and in case of inability, see a therapist to help you.

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