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Questions & Answers To Help You Manage Your Hip Replacement Recovery

A hip replacement surgery to eliminate severe arthritis (pain, stiffness, and a reduced range of motion) is one of the commonest treatment approaches in the orthopaedic sphere. This is certainly due to technology advancement that has improved the surgery efficacy.

A hip replacement surgery involves the introduction of prosthetic components in order to stabilize the hip and also strengthen it. This is also done to eliminate pain and improve function.

In case you are planning to undergo a hip replacement surgery in India, here are the vital questions that patients like you mostly ask;

Common Questions & Answers About Recovery

Common Questions & Answers About Recovery

  1. What Happens To My Body After Hip Replacement?

You will feel normal alongside a degree of numbness. You will also experience swelling in the legs, which may take months to subside. Elevating the leg and applying ice packs can help.

  1. Will I Need Pain Medications And If So, Which Ones?

Once your hip replacement surgery is concluded, you will be transferred to the recovery ward. The anesthesia, which was previously administered will stay for a number of hours. When worn off, you will experience moderate pain and commonly, an intravenous pain medication is provided.

Depending on your pain response to the medication, the doctor will provide the right pain medications that you will use after you are discharged from the hospital. These will orally be taken.

  1. Will The Pain Be Manageable?

Postoperative pain is certainly lower than the pain you previously handled before your surgery. The pain level differs from patient to pain depending on the type of hip replacement surgery underwent and the surgical approaches.

The surgeon will actually prescribe the right medications to help you fight the pain and any discomfort you may experience during recovery.

  1. What Happens To The Sutures Or The Staples?

The surgeon may use sutures or staples for wound closure. In case the surgeon used sutures, you will have to return to the hospital about 2 weeks after your surgery. These sutures will be removed after which the surgeon will apply Steri-Strips to facilitate healing. The applied strips will wash off by themselves, therefore, there is no need to return to the hospital.

In case staples were used to close the incision, you may have to return to the hospital after 3 weeks for the surgeon to evaluate the healing process.

  1. What Level of Activeness Is Required During Hip Replacement Recovery?

Generally, moderate activeness is required during this period to strengthen the new joint. Several instructions and measures will be provided to protect you from injury.

These moderate exercises will act as physical therapy that is certainly essential for the hip. A cane is important as you walk for assistance and with time, you will be able to walk on your own.

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