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Your Postoperative Knee Replacement Surgery Concerns Explained

A knee replacement surgery is essential in case one’s life is at the edge, basically, arthritic patients with severe pain are suitable candidates for knee replacement. As opposed to traditional beliefs, modern knee replacement procedures are considered minimally invasive. In fact, an individual can undergo a knee replacement surgery and walk the following day.

Life after a knee replacement remains doubtable in some patients as they are uncertain of the aftermath. In fact, this is one of the major reasons as to why patients reschedule or postpone their knee replacement surgeries. However, orthopaedic surgeons are well acquainted with patients needs and expectations after a knee replacement surgery and certainly all orthopaedic surgeries. In that case, a comprehensive study and diagnosis are conducted to understand a patient’s knee by evaluating the extent of the damage. The prosthesis is also planned to facilitate total mobility after the surgery. The most common concerns pertaining knee replacement are basically postoperative ones and this is what orthopaedic doctors say;

  • Immediately after the Procedure

You will certainly be monitored in a recovery ward. Depending on the knee replacement surgery conducted and a patient’s general health, you may walk a few hours after the procedure or the next day. Expect no complications in case the surgery is conducted professionally and by an experienced surgeon.

  • Home Adjustments

These are generally part of every orthopaedic surgeon to reduce chances of accidents. Necessary stuff like clothes, a walker, among others, must be placed where a patient can easily reach them to prevent injuring the knee. Also, you will certainly need help while bathing and consider limiting your movements and squatting.

  • Heading back to Work or Normal Duties

Just like any other surgical procedure, a knee replacement requires you to stay put and allow the knee to properly heal before you return to your normal duties. However, some patients may require more time (over six weeks) before returning to their previous activities.

  • Driving Concerns

For most of us, driving is a hobby and we definitely can’t live without it. Driving is possible after a knee replacement surgery, but various factors can retain one from returning to the activity. These include the treated knee, the type of the surgery (partial or total) and the type of car one drives (manual or automatic). Regarding your driving concerns, it is quite important to talk to your surgeon.

  • Health after a knee replacement

Medications ought to be taken as prescribed by the orthopaedic surgeon. However, medical checkups are necessary since various drugs taken after a knee replacement have different side effects that may damage your internal organs. It is vital to visit your dentist prior to a knee replacement surgery to reduce your chances of developing an infection.

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