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Listing Some Effective Treatments For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be frustrating and can raise you discomfort while performing any activity. This back pain can be due to arthritis, structural or nerve issue, bad body posture while bending, heavy lifting and many others. If you are suffering from the lower back pain then this post can help you to get relief from it up to great extent.

Lower back pain can be mild or simple and can turn even severe and complex. You can combine the following treatment options with the doctor-assisted treatments to get better results

Natural remedies

Natural remedies

If you are having mild lower back pain which is only of a few days then natural remedies alone can help you to get relief from pain. Following patience- prolonging strategies can help you to get rid of the pain

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Some anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen or naproxen can help you to get relief from the painful back but these drugs should not be taken for more than 10 days without consulting any doctor.

Ice and heat treatment

Ice treatment can also give you relief as you can have some cold compressions like the ice pack for the initial 48 hours for 20 minutes per session and you can take 3-4 sessions per day. After 48 hours you can get heat therapy. You can use a heating pad or massage of hot oil to increase the blood circulation, loosen the stiffed muscles to get some relief.


If you are having lower back pain then supportive shoes can help you to get relief. Experts believe that women have more problem of lower back pain if their feet roll inward while walking so supportive shoes can help them.

Changing mattress

If your mattress is older than 6-8 years and sagging then it is also responsible for your lower back pain as according to experts average lifespan of the mattress is 9-10 years after that their sagging can increase the back pain so timely change your mattress and choose the medium firm mattress to get relief from back pain

Exercises and activities

Gentle stretching and exercises can also help to improve your painful back problem as exercise can stabilize your spine and can prevent muscle imbalance. Even some yoga activities can also help you to get relief from pain but these stretching and exercises should be done after consulting the doctor and under the supervision of trained professionals.

Back pain treatments for severe cases

If you are having severe and consistent back pain which is not getting resolved even after 6 weeks then it is time to go for professional help. Your doctor can help you to get out of the painful situation after your physical examination, MRI, and CT –Scans. Your doctor can suggest you following treatment options

  • The doctor can prescribe you some muscle relaxants drugs that can help to relieve pain. Some creams and ointments can also be prescribed to be rubbed on the painful area. Moreover, the cortisone injection can be given to give relief from the painful back.
  • Physical therapies like acupuncture and massage can also be recommended by the doctor to get out from the painful situation and restore the normal functionality of back.
  • In the extreme cases, in which all other treatments get failed, the doctor can also recommend for a surgical treatment option for your lower back pain.

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