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Know About ACL Reconstruction Surgery And Its Related Facts

As the name suggests ACL reconstruction surgery is done to reconstruct the torn ACL as torn ACL can be painful. If you are also suffering due to torn ACL then it is essential for you to get some information about the surgery and its related facts

When surgery is not solution?

ACL reconstruction surgery can repair the torn ACL but in few cases this surgery is not recommended like if the patient is having age more than 50 and even less active then this surgery is not recommended. Even if you are having arthritis then initially doctor recommends you to go for some non surgical therapies for better treatment rather than surgery.

Who can take this surgery?

  • As discussed above this surgery is not for all patients especially not for patients who are not much active in their life. This surgery is recommended only to active patients like athletes or any other such sports players as they remain active most of the time.
  • If non surgical methods and rehabilitation programs are not working for you and you have more than one knee ligament injury then also you can chose this surgical procedure

What are types of reconstruction surgery?
ACL reconstructive surgery is of mainly two types as in this surgery torn ACL is reconstructed means the damaged tendon is replaced with the new one. This replacement of tendon can make difference in the types of surgery.

New tendon is taken from the source called tendon graft and sometimes this tendon can be taken from the donor tendon or from the tissue bank called allograft graft. Whereas in other type of surgery this tendon is taken from the portion of your own tendon like it can be removed from patellar tendon called bone-patellar tendon bone graft, it can replaced by taking tendon from hamstrings called hamstring graft or even sometimes tendon is taken from your quadriceps muscle called quadriceps graft. In some case combination of all grafts has also been used for surgery.

Which types of surgery is the best?

Each type of this surgery has its own pros and cons so choosing the best can be tough as results depends on the specifics of your injury, methods of graft preservation and rehabilitating protocols not only on the source of your graft used for surgery.

Experience and efficiency of your chosen surgeon also can affect the after results so only your doctor can recommend for particular type of surgery by considering all related factors for optimized results.

What is recovery time after surgery?

Recovery time can vary according to patient but on average basis it can be from few months to year. Your commitment for rehabilitation after surgery can also shorten the recovery period. However you can restore your motion and strength in few months without much difficulty.

If you are also suffering from ACL tear then schedule your consultation with us and get the best suitable advice depending on your case history and problem.

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