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Knee Replacement procedure – Preventative measures to Cure your Knee After procedure

Recovery time is dependent upon the type of the procedure. You must follow the advice of your orthopedic surgeon regarding knee recovery.

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What are the various preventative measures in order to cure your knee properly after the Knee replacement procedure?

  • After the procedure, if it is essential, your surgeon will give you the painkiller. Sometimes, your surgeon will give you the mask or tubes.

  • Your surgeon will do the large dressing in order to protect your knee from the wound.

  • Your wound dressing should be done on the regular basis.

  • The staff members will help you to get up and walk. If you are undergone the minimum invasive procedure or enhanced recovery programmer, you require walking on the same day.

  • Sometimes, patients are walking with frames or crutches.

  • When you are in the hospital, your physiotherapist will help you with the exercises in order to strengthen your knee.

  • This is normal if you will experience initial discomfort at the time of walking and exercising. There may be chances that your legs and feet may be swollen.

  • Some doctors put you in the passive motion machine. This will help you to restore movement of your knee or leg.

  • You will allow going home after 3 to 5 days.

  • You have to arrange some at the home so that he or she can provide you the necessary help.

  • You have to perform safe activities at the home.

  • You will have to stop taking the frames and clutches and start the normal walking after the six weeks of the procedure.

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