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Knee Replacement in Chandigarh – Knee Replacement Cost in Chandigarh

Ouch! The pain in my knee is killing me!

It is very hard living with a knee pain, it is mostly seen in elderly people, but it is sad to see your mom dad, who was once health freaks in so much pain. But, nowadays, with technology its peak, there are different things which can be done; for the artificial knee is one option that many people are choosing. Let’s get to know a little bit more about the same. The best place to get a Knee replacement in Chandigarh.

Pain is manageable

These days it is easy to manage surgery-related pain. Doctors use a femoral regional nerve blockade, anesthesia injection, along with ultrasound near to the femoral nexus in the crotch.

This process eases out 70 – 80% of discomfort followed by pain, post surgery along with giving a tremendous reward for the first 24 hours. A dose of medicine usually lasts for 30 hours after hip surgery. After which oral medications also help.

Many people say they’d do it again

Many patients even in young age get diagnosed with RA and have their both hips replaced, in case they suffer, they get it done again. Sometimes, patients have so much pain that they prefer sleeping on a lounge chair or an easy chair, or just keep moving in pain here and there. Many starts doing the things once again, post surgery, which they had left doing when they had pain.

  • Walking can be done even a day after surgery.
  • Patients are able to take a few steps; it can be from 10 – 200 feet- the same day following surgery.
  • It is best not to live a sedentary lifestyle, because of the fear of blood clots, bed sores along with pneumonia rise to a great extent.

In case you don’t move about much, the chance of you’re having clings are more, which can also get stiff, which makes it hard to walk even a little mile.

Physical therapy will be your safeguard

Physical therapy will be your safeguard

It does get difficult moving around, but not moving is not a solution, unless and until you do so, you will not recover, and it will be very difficult for you in the future.

Even post surgery, you will be required to meet a therapist a couple of times, but it is important to keep doing the exercises, as and when prescribed by a doctor.

Make it a point to do them on a daily basis. Many doctors feel annoyed on patients because they get the surgery done, but don’t follow up later, for the therapy.

Joint replacement

Due to better Rheumatoid arthritis treatments in the past 20 years. Few middle-aged people need a joint replacement. One of the studies concluded that people having RA- in 40 – 50 age group found knee replacement rates to be dropped down.

When unbearable pain or joint damage limits daily activities, joint replacement can be the best option.

Knuckles can also be replaced

No doubt, hips, and knees are the most common joint replacement for RA, but doctors are also able to replace shoulders, ankles and also the finger joints.

Knuckle replacements were started around 1950’s, for the simple reason that hands being one of the first areas which are affected by RA, which causes pain, loss of mobility and also deformity.

In case a damaged joint is replaced with an artificial one, the pain will be less and mobility will also increase.

Joints differ in nature

The most common product being metal- on – plastic, with a metal ball and a plastic liner or socket. This lasts the longest period of time and is also the most common of all. The least popular is metal on metal. Ceramic on ceramic is also available.

Lose weight

Lose weight

Big overweigh is a big hurdle, overweight people are not able to enjoy much since their mobility is restricted, so obese or overweight people are more in need of joint replacement than tin people, and their risk of getting complications is also high.

Complications can range from infections, more difficulty waking post anesthesia.

Hence, weight loss is recommended before the surgery. Also, losing weight may even delay the surgery.

Chances of having complications are also there.

People going through a joint replacement can have some problems, just like in any surgery. Some of the problems could be the limb length inequality, which means one leg being shorter or longer than others. This is more common with hip surgery rather than knee surgery. Knee replacements can also result in instability, which if worsens might need to be operated again.

Chances of success vary

Many patients have reportedly said that they require another surgery after the first one.

Choosing a right surgeon is also important

People having hip or knee replacements at hospitals with a low surgical volume are at a high risk of clots and death post surgery. The centres performing more than 200 surgeries were called high Volume.

It is good to choose a physician and hospital which conducts many procedures, every year.

Recovery takes a year’s time.

Most probably, you can go home from hospital to a rehabilitation centre or home for three days, post-operation, but driving is restricted to 6 weeks time. Post that you should be able to able to rive and also walk till home.

Working people should be able to join their jobs three months post getting operated, though full recovery will take around a year, some might take a longer time to heal.

Artificial joints can also damage

People develop RA before osteoarthritis hence may need joint replacements early in life. A joint should last for at least 15 years. Though some last for 25 years also.

Knee Replacement Cost in Chandigarh is very reasonable.

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