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Is it Good To replace Both Knees at Once?

You might not know this that there is knee replacement available for replacing both knee joint. This is also referred to as bilateral knee replacement surgery. The treatment is best for those who are facing the issue of severe arthritis as it really helps the patient to restore the normal working routine again. In case if the patient gets the only knee fixed it might not give the best results so ultimately the second knee needs to be fixed.

The surgery for both knees can be performed simultaneously or they can be performed in the gap of some days, weeks or months.

Is there any risk of getting a simultaneous knee replacement?

The doctor will first evaluate your health that is you able to undergo the replacement of both knees at one time. No doubt, the surgery will be long and your body needs to be more active to handle the entire process.

Some studies have shown that people who undergo simultaneous surgery are at more risk of the cardiac event as compared to those who get only one surgery. Additionally, even after three months of getting the surgery, the risk remains the same as well as after 12 months. Moreover, this is not recommended for patients who are over the age of 80.

Another issue is that the rehabilitation process is also difficult especially for older people as their body does not strength to manage the physical therapy.

What are the benefits of getting simultaneous surgery?

For sure the problem is completely solved at one time. In addition to this, the rehabilitation time is short as well as you will get anesthesia only one time and visit the hospital only once. This will be best as you do not have to stay away from work for a long time.

What to expect following the treatment?

After the surgery, the patient has to stay in the hospital for ten days. In some cases, the patient has to stay for more time until they become more active. After six weeks, the physical therapy will start which last for around 6 to 12 weeks. Basically, it includes knee-strengthening exercise and walking plan.

Getting knee replacement for both knees needs proper planning and management to deal with the pain. It will be better if you consult the doctor for knowing about the best time to undergo the surgery. No doubt, to make the decision is not easy but with proper consultation, the decision can be made easily. Keep in mind everything the risk and the rehabilitation part. Knowing that you are the best candidate or not is the most important thing. Talk to the surgeon and see what they recommend you according to your situation.

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