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Dustin Fowler rolls back in action after his Knee Surgery

Dustin Fowler, an American baseball player recently made his first appearance since last year when he attained a severe knee injury that was expected to a total havoc with his career.

The 23-year-old baseball player crashed into an unpadded electrical box last year where his patellar tendon got ruptured. The young outfielder had just been booked for major games just before the incident. The player ran into stands and before he could realize that there was no space for him, he had nothing to do, injuring his right knee.

According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN, Fowler was in tears as he vividly knew how much it had taken him to give a spectacular performance that day, only to get out with a knee injury.

Eight months after his subsequent surgery and rehabilitation, Fowler returned to show his talent playing center field and led off in the A’s 4-4 tie with Kansas City.

Talking to the media, the Yankees star had this to say “it felt great”, my at-bats went better than earlier expected. The player explained how he expected the game to be a little more ambushy and quick at-bats”. He concluded by saying that he kind of did everything by himself, and with that, it felt really good.

Though knee injuries are generally considered to occur more in football, they also happen among baseball athletes. The commonest knee injuries, in this case, include Meniscus Tear, Muscle strain, and Tendonitis.

Meniscus Tear or injury is the most common of all the injuries that involve damage to the cartilage cushion. This cushion also helps in proper positioning of the knee bones.

The Meniscus’ anatomy consists of a blood supply to the outer one-third to heal on its own in case of any damage, however, severe cases of meniscus damage require medical intervention.

Tendonitis, on the other hand, is another common type of injury with symptoms such as mild swelling, tenderness, and a dull ache (pain).

Tendonitis is a medical term used in case the tendon is damaged. The tendon is a part that connects the muscle to the bone. Injuries, in this case, result from repetitive use.

Treatment includes; acupuncture, PRICE therapy, Active Release Technique, Chiropractic adjustments or mobilizations, Tool assisted tissue work, among others.

The surgical approach to correct the condition, in the case, of severity involves the use of anesthesia, after which one or more incisions are made over the damaged region. The surgeon will further sew the torn ends of the tendon, observe the blood vessels and the nerves.

Muscle strain

These are deep muscle aches that worsen while running. The commonest muscles to be damaged in this case include those that cross the two joints. A muscle is a girth; the contracting part of the leg. Muscles in the human body contract in order to move the knee, as well as to control running and pivoting.

Muscle strains can be treated through Active Release Technique, Tool assisted tissue work, Chiropractic adjustments or mobilizations, Acupuncture, Price therapy, and Prolotherapy among others.

In case of severe functional impairment, a muscle surgical repair may be required.

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