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Difference between Dislocated and Separated Shoulder

As we age, the joints in the body become weak because of wear and tear. However, the issue can occur at a young age. In some cases, people suffer from dislocated and separated shoulder. But most people get confused about these things. In this guide, we will tell you the difference between the two.

Often people get confused about the dislocated shoulder and separated shoulder. Here, we will explain the difference between them in detail.

What is a dislocated shoulder?

Shoulder gets dislocated when you fall or blow which makes the arm bone top to get out of the shoulder socket. Well, you can twist and move the upper arm in any direction which means the movement is very flexible. But, the joint of the shoulder is very unstable which can make it pop out. Sometimes, a dislocated shoulder can damage the tissue and shoulder nerves. If the problem is persistent then it can make the shoulder weak and chronic instability.

What is a separated shoulder?

By the name you should not get confused because this issue does not affect the shoulder joint directly. It occurs when you fall which tear the ligament and this connects the collarbone with the shoulder blade. From the actual position collar bone move which makes it push against the skin near the shoulder top. With time, people do recover from the separated shoulder but it is possible that it can result in deformity. It is essential that you consult the best ortho doctor for the treatment as they will let you know the ways to effectively treat the problem.

What can result in a separated and dislocated shoulder?

  • Falling onto the shoulder on a hard surface
  • Getting a hit in the shoulder
  • Twisting the arm very sharply

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Symptoms of a dislocated shoulder

  • Pain in the shoulder which increases you move it.
  • Shoulder deformation in the front or back of the shoulder in the form of the bump.

Symptoms of Separated Shoulder

  • Swelling & Bruising
  • Intense pain
  • Tenderness
  • Shoulder deformation

Treatment Option

Well, the treatment of dislocated shoulder should be done in the right way. The doctor will move the arm bone back to its position. As the joint gets swollen with time so it is better to get the treatment soon. Once it comes back to the socket, the pain will reduce. Well, the same treatment is used for a separated shoulder.

The pain will be reduced by applying ice for 30 minutes. Additionally, take the prescribed medications on time. Do the strengthening exercise if the doctor has recommended you.

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